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Title: Water Features (ZT ABC)
Post by: fern on August 08, 2018, 09:23:45 PM
Kompatibilität: Alle Spielversionen / Compatibility: All Game Versions
Sprachen: Deutsch Standard und Englisch / Languages: German default, and English

Brunnen Pack - Fountain Pack


Author: Blueberry
Originally created: 9 March 2006
Updated 23 August 2018 to add English language section and remove game crashing line from farbenbrunnen.ztd
brunnenpack.zip size: 60.8 kb
Current ztd dates: August 23, 2018 for farbenbrunnen.ztd; August 9, 2018 for seerosenteich.ztd and sprudelbrunnen.ztd
Description: Dieses Paket enthält 3 Brunnen. Farbenbrunnen,  Seerosenteich, Sprudelbrunnen.
Rotation und Icon Updates von Catman 2006
This pack contains three fountains. Color Fountain, Lily Pond, Bubble Fountain.
Rotation and icon updates done by Catman 2006

Click to Download brunnenpack.zip (http://www.ztcdd.org/DD/DownloadFiles/ZTABC/brunnenpack.zip)

Teich - Pond


Author: Platschpinguin
Originally created: 30 May 2003
Updated 23 August to correct footprint, rotations and add English language section.
teich.zip size: 48.7 KB
Current teich.ztd dated  23 August 2018
Description: Der Ingame-Ententeich ohne die Enten.
The ingame duck pond without the ducks.

Click to Download teich.zip (http://www.ztcdd.org/DD/DownloadFiles/ZTABC/teich.zip)