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Title: Zoo Kingdom Pack 2
Post by: csleesburg on April 24, 2006, 10:27:50 PM
Zoo Kingdom Pack 2

ZTCDD (http://www.ztcdd.org/DD/index.php?topic=8958.0)

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Author: Zoogirl

Keywords: Halloween

Originally Released March 2003 at Zoo Kingdom

Updated November 2018 to adjust rotations, change the ztd hedge name to avoid name conflict, tidied files.
All ztds dated either 10th or 11th November 2018

Size: 91 kb

Compatibility: All Game Versions

Description:  Zoo Kingdom Pack 2 includes Halloween Hedge, Halloween rock, orange glow lamp and snake -in-the-grass spooky tree and spooky diver scenery.


Title: Re: Zoo Kingdom Pack 2
Post by: fern on April 23, 2019, 05:00:29 AM
Additional info:

Foliage - Not For Exhibits
zk_halloweenhedge.ztd  Halloween Hedge  ucs: D6A57026  1/2 tile  height 3

Rocks - All Exhibits
halloweenrock.ztd  Pumpkin Rock  ucs: E5206026  1 tile  height 2, rock suitability, water placeable

Scenery - All Exhibits
snakeinthegrass.ztd  Snake In The Grass  ucs: 1D2B7026  1 tile  height 2, water placeable

Scenery - Not For Exhibits
orangelampglow.ztd  Orange Lamp Glow  ucs: E4E98026  1/4 tile  height 1
spookytree1.ztd  Spooky Tree 1  ucs: 81503026  1 tile  height 1
sppokydiver.ztd  Eerie Deep Sea Diver Statue  ucs: BA128026  1 tile  height 1, tank placeable