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Title: Trout (Gila Trout)
Post by: fern on September 22, 2020, 04:46:09 AM
Gila Trout

ZooTek Phoenix (https://zootekphoenix.com/forums/files/file/2337-trout-pack-by-coolperson-5/)

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Author: Coolperson5

Keywords: marine, freshwater

Release date: June 10 2009
Current ztd dates: Gila Trout.ZTD: June 10, 2009

File Size: n/a

Compatibility: All Game Versions

Description: Part of the Trout Pack (http://www.ztcdd.org/DD/index.php?topic=5793.0)


Title: Re: Gila Trout
Post by: fern on September 22, 2020, 04:57:22 AM
Additional info:

Gila Trout.ZTD        uca: A30E9057 dated 10 June 2009

Results From Configuration Checking:

a30e9057.uca date: Wed Jun 10 19:32:16 2009
No Errors or Warnings to show.
Animal Type: A30E9057

Gila Trout

The gila trout (Oncorhynchus gilae gilae) is similar to a Cutthroat trout and
a native to the Southwest United States, in Arizona and New Mexico. It is an
endangered species. The Gila trout has been threatened by competition and
hybridization with introduced game fish (such as the rainbow trout). However,
the primary cause of reduced Gila trout populations is habitat loss caused by
loss of water flow and shade-giving trees, caused in turn by fires, human
destruction of riparian vegetation, livestock overgrazing, agricultural
irrigation and water diversion, and channelization of streams in the Gila
trout's native range.
    (plus 1 other paragraph)

Animal Characteristics:

Habitat: Aquatic; Location: Western USA
Minimum happiness needed for chance of breeding: 98.
Animal can swim in tanks and must stay in tanks.
Cannot be used in original Zoo Tycoon: cKeeperFoodType (11) is not 0 to 5.

Exhibit Preferences:

 Water Lily, Water Reed, Bald Cypress Tree (DD), Horsetail (DD)
 Sea Anemone (MM), Barnacles (MM), Beach Grass (MM), Brittle Sea Star (MM)
 Clam Bed (MM), Orange Cup Coral (MM), Divercate Tree Coral (MM)
 Feather Duster Worm (MM), Fire Coral (MM), Kelp (MM), Sea Lettuce (MM)
 Red Gorgonian (MM), Sargassum (MM), Sand Dollar (MM), Sea Cucumber (MM)
 Sea Star (MM), Seaweed (MM), Sea Grass (MM), Sea Sponge (MM)
 Stove Pipe Sponge (MM), Tube Worm (MM), Purple Sea Urchin (MM)

 Medium Aquatic Rock (DD), Small Ocean Floor Rock (MM)
 Medium Coral Formation (MM), Large Ocean Floor Rock (MM)
 Medium Ocean Floor Rock (MM), Large Coral Formation (MM), Iceberg (MM)
 Isle Rock (MM)

Exhibit Construction:

Number of animals allowed per exhibit: 1-8 with 5 squares for each adult.

Exhibit size (for 2 adults): 10 grid squares

Terrain (for exhibit with 10 grid squares):
 10 Fresh Water

Foliage (for exhibit with 10 grid squares):
 2 grid squares should contain foliage.
 Foliage that would give the most happiness: Water Lily
 Since this is a small plant, greatest happiness will occur
 if each of the 2 grid squares contains 4 of this plant.

Rocks (for exhibit with 10 grid squares):
 4 Small Ocean Floor Rock (MM), which is its most liked rock.