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Author Topic: Halloween Pack 2003  (Read 3059 times)
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An Oldie but Goodie
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« on: April 23, 2006, 05:37:36 PM »

Halloween Pack 2003

ZA at Tek

Click Site name to reach the download

Author: Loewenfrau & Aussie Koala

Keywords: Halloween, animal, buildings

Originally Released October 3rd, 2003 at Zoo Admin

Updated : September 2008
Scenery files updated to remove unnecessary lines and pal files. Some also updated to be exhibit and/or waterplaceable. Some have had minor rotations alterations.
Langhallowrest.dll removed from file since file is part of a combined langZA01.dll
The ghost was changed by fern to remove unused files from the ".ztd", to remove unnecessary lines from its configuration, to show the foliage tooltip for the female and young, and to fix the configuration to refer only to the graphic names that had been created for it. The ghost was also changed by Jay to have it like the various Shelters For All Animals as much as any other shelter.

Size : 707.81 KB singles, 692.85 KB combined (1.01 MB old file)

Compatibility : All Game Versions

Description: This pack contains 27 Halloween themed items. Fall foliage, giant spider web, skeleton statue, coffin, pumpkins and more. There's also a spooky restaurant and a Ghost animal.

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« Reply #1 on: January 25, 2019, 03:23:49 AM »

Additional info: (Updates in red)

halloweenpack2003_wDLL.zip contains: Renamed: halloweenpack2003.zip and HalloweenPack2003Combined.zip

Animal: Follow link for more info
Ghost           ghost_final.ZTD                   uca: A7435026 dated 30 September 2008 (19 Sept 2003 old date)

Building: Follow link for more info
Spooky Restaurant      halloweenrestaurant.ztd      EE3D1026.ai       bldg-hallowrest.cfg     2 x 3 tiles     height 1

Foliage - All Exhibits
autumnhedgef2.ztd  Decorative Autumn Hedge  ucs: c6a17026  1/4 tile  height 3
autumntree2.ztd  Autumn Tree  ucs: A49B8026  1/4 tile  height 3
autumntree3.ztd  Autumn Tree  ucs: A4A32026  1/4 tile  height 3
autumntree4.ztd  Autumn Tree  ucs: A4AC1026  1/4 tile  height 3
autumntreef.ztd  Autumn Tree  ucs: C682E026  1/4 tile  height 1
deadtreef.ztd  Dead Tree  ucs: D28C3026  1/4 tile  height 1, water placeable

Foliage - Not For Exhibits
blackflowersf.ztd  Black Flowerbed  ucs: C697D026  1 tile  height 2
orangeflowersf.ztd  Orange Flowerbed  ucs: C68E1026  1 tile  height 2

Scenery - All Exhibits
cauldronf.ztd  Cauldron  ucs: D2620026  1 tile  height 3
coffin.ztd  Coffin  ucs: A4511026  1x2 tiles  height 3, water placeable
halloweencolumnf.ztd  Halloween Coloumn  ucs: C6A90026  1 tile  height 1, water placeable
largegravestonef.ztd  Large Gravestone  ucs: CA683026  1 tile  height 1, water placeable
pumpkinstatuef.ztd  Pumpkin Statue  ucs: D26BA026  1 tile  height 3, water placeable
smallgravestonef.ztd  Small Gravestone  ucs: CAA12026  1/4 tile  height 1, water placeable
spiderweb.ztd  Giant Spiderweb  ucs: a3d2f026  3x1 tile  height 2, water placeable
witchpole.ztd  Witchpole  ucs: B8B36026  1/4 tile  height 1, water placeable

Scenery - Not For Exhibits
blackteddy.ztd  Black Halloween Teddy Statue  ucs: C639E026  1 tile  height 1
halloweenballoonarchf.ztd  Halloween Balloon Arch  ucs: DEEBB026  3x1 tile  height 1, water placeable, walkable
halloweenballoons.ztd  Halloween Balloon Stand  ucs: DF2BE026  1/4 tile  height 1, water placeable
halloweenilluminationf.ztd  Halloween Illumination  ucs: DF4B40C9  1/4 tile  height 1
jacko1f.ztd  Jack-O-Latern  ucs: DF77C026  1 tile  height 1, water placeable
jacko2f.ztd  Jack-O-Latern  ucs: DF82F026  1 tile  height 1, water placeable
orangeteddy.ztd  Orange Halloween Teddy Statue  ucs: C6436026  1 tile  height 1
pumpinchair.ztd  Jack-O'-Lantern Chair  ucs: 9b58d026  1 tile  height 1
skeletonstatuef.ztd  Skelleton Statue  ucs: 68d94026  2x1 tile  height 2
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