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Author Topic: Counters  (Read 4191 times)
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« on: February 29, 2016, 04:31:13 AM »


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Author: Jay

Keywords: Drink Stand, Food Stand, Gift Stand

Release date: February 29, 2016

Current ztd date: November 30, 2015

Zip size: 22 KB

Compatibility: All Game Versions

Description: These counters act like burger stands, drink stands, and gift stands. They were created to go with the Decorative Carnival Kiosks made by Toodlepops:

Those kiosks are scenery items. I thought it might be interesting to make a counter that goes next to those kiosks and makes it seem that the kiosks are selling things. The first screenshot shows examples. The purchase menu in that screenshot shows the 3 counters: 1 sells burgers; 1 sells soda; and 1 sells the 4 souvenirs that the ZT Gift Shop sells, which includes the stuffed panda. The right side of the screenshot shows one example. I placed one of the counters next to the orange kiosk. But it is also possible to use more than one counter next to a kiosk. That is shown with the teal kiosk. There are 3 counters next to that kiosk, 1 of each type. Normally we cannot have 1 building that sells drinks, gifts, and takeaway food. But since it is the individual counters that are doing the selling, and not actually the kiosk, it makes it look like a single building is selling all of those things. Also, we cannot have 1 building sell different priced things. But with separate counters, we can. Having counters such as these also has the guests seem to stand closer than they normally would for a typical stand. For the kiosk with 3 counters, I used the post and rope fence next to each counter so that the guests were more orderly. Since it is the counters doing the selling, one can use any of the kiosks, or none at all, although that would not look realistic. When opening the building information window, one has to remember to click a counter rather than the kiosk, since it is the counters doing the selling. The messages for these counters are included with ZT. I used ZT's Burger Stand, Drink Stand, and Gift Stand messages. I made these counters available immediately in ZT's purchase menu, which means ZT's Burger Stand, Drink Stand, and Gift Stand (gift cart) will also be available immediately. The drink counter sells the same soda item as ZT's Drink Stand. So just like ZT's Drink Stand, guests will drink the soda immediately and then have trash that they need to throw away. A trash can would also be needed somewhere for the burger counter, since that sells the same burger item as ZT's Burger Stand. So just like ZT's Burger Stand, guests will buy a burger, find a place to sit to eat it, and then have trash that they need to throw away.

Although I had the kiosks in mind when I made these counters, the counters would work against other things as well. The second screenshot shows an example of this. I put the drink counter and the gift counter in front of ZT's Burger Stand. So that makes the burger stand appear to sell burgers, soda, and gifts. Since the counters are only a half tile in size, they are not in the way for guests to buy burgers from the burger stand itself.

Since these counters use the same messages as 3 of the ZT stands, if one selects one of those ZT stands in the purchase menu and then rotates the icons in the purchase menu, that will cause the purchase menu highlight to go to one of these counter icons instead. So after rotating the icons, it is always good to select the desired icon again. There are other times when the highlight can move in the purchase menu: when the menu is closed and reopened, when the menu is switched to a different one and then back to the buildings purchase menu, and when ZT goes through its unlocking logic that occurs at the beginning of some game months. So it is good to check which icon is highlighted after any of those as well. We live with this in order not to use up IDs too quickly.
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