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Author Topic: Tek July 4th 2016 Red White and Blue Geometric Paths Pack  (Read 17556 times)
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« on: July 03, 2016, 09:41:09 PM »

Tek July 4th 2016 Red White and Blue Geometric Paths Pack

ZooTek Phoenix

Click Site name to reach the download

Author : SavyKet

Keywords : paths, 4th July

Release date : 03 Jul 2016

File Size : 275.74KB

Compatibility : All Game Versions

Description : This pack contains eight (8) new patriotic Red White and Blue Geometric paths by SavyKet (Savannahjan and Cricket).
Paths included:
RWB Geometric Blown Away Path
RWB Geometric Blown Up Path
RWB Geometric Faded Path
RWB Geometric Kaleidoscope Path
RWB Geometric Pattern Path
RWB Geometric Spatter Path
RWB Geometric Squares Path
RWB Geometric Twirl Path
The downloadable file contains a combined .ztd file, a .zip file of individual .ztd files and a screenshot.  (If you use the combined file, you do not need the individual files)

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Posts: 21758

« Reply #1 on: July 03, 2016, 09:41:45 PM »

Additional info:

TekJu416PathRwbGeoBlownAway_SavyKet.ztd  chpabloa.ai  RWB Blown Away Path  paths_chpabloa.cfg
TekJu416PathRwbGeoBlownUp_SavyKet.ztd  chpablou.ai  RWB Blown Up Path  paths_chpablou.cfg
TekJu416PathRwbGeoFaded_SavyKet.ztd  chpafade.ai  RWB Faded Path  paths_chpafade.cfg
TekJu416PathRwbGeoKaleidoscope_SavyKet.ztd  chpakale.ai  RWB Kaleidoscope Path  paths_chpakale.cfg
TekJu416PathRwbGeoPattern_SavyKet.ztd  chpapatt.ai  RWB Patterned Path  paths_chpapatt.cfg
TekJu416PathRwbGeoSpatter_SavyKet.ztd  chpaspat.ai  RWB Spattered Path  paths_chpaspat.cfg
TekJu416PathRwbGeoSquare_SavyKet.ztd  chpasqua.ai  RWB Squared Path  paths_chpasqua.cfg
TekJu416PathRwbGeoTwirl_SavyKet.ztd  chpatwir.ai  RWB Twirled Path  paths_chpatwir.cfg
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