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Author Topic: Foliage by Toodlepops  (Read 4202 times)
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« on: October 31, 2016, 05:03:10 AM »

Foliage by Toodlepops

ZT Designer Guild

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Author : Toodlepops

Keywords : trees, flowers

Release date : October 31, 2016

Compatibility : All Game Versions

Giant Sweetpeas

Description : Pretty flowers for your zoo.

Small Petunias

Description : More pretty flowers for your zoo.

Pine Tree

Description: Pine Tree: Toodlepops found this on a tube site with four views, very unusual for a tube.
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« Reply #1 on: October 31, 2016, 05:14:59 AM »

Additional info:

tpGiantSweetpeasCombined.ztd contains:

Foliage - All Exhibits,  water placeable, 1/4 tile, height 1
sweetpeablue.ztd  Giant Blue Sweetpea  ucs: BB129026
sweetpealav.ztd  Giant Lavender Sweetpea  ucs: BB1AB026
sweetpeaorange.ztd  Giant Orange Sweetpea  ucs: 6FA68057
sweetpeapink.ztd  Giant Pink Sweetpea  ucs: BB209057
sweetpeapurp.ztd  Giant Purple Sweetpea  ucs: BB268057
sweetpeared.ztd  Giant Red Sweetpea  ucs: BB2C7026
sweetpeayellow.ztd  Giant Yellow Sweetpea  ucs: 6FAE0057

tpSmallPetuniasCombined.ztd contains

Foliage - All Exhibits, water placeable, 1/4 tile, height 1
smallamberpetunia.ztd  Small Amber Petunia   ucs: CEA93026
smallblackpetunia.ztd  Small Black Petunia  ucs: CEB62057
smallgoldpetunia.ztd  Small Gold Petunia  ucs: CEBF3026
smallorangepetunia.ztd  Small Orange Petunia  ucs: CEC84057
smallpinkpetunia.ztd  Small Pink Petunia  ucs: CED12026
smallpurplepetunia.ztd  Small Purple Petunia  ucs: CEDA4026
smallredpetunia.ztd  Small Red Petunia  ucs: CEE4A026
smallskybluepetunia.ztd  Small Skyblue Petunia  ucs: CEEEE057
smallwhitepetunia.ztd  Small White Petunia  ucs: CEFA1026

Foliage - All Exhibits, water placeable, 1 tile, height 3
tppinetree.ztd  Pine Tree  ucs: F5DAD057
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