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Author Topic: Make List Of Files  (Read 2952 times)
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« on: September 24, 2017, 03:20:18 AM »

Make List Of Files

Author: Jay

Keywords: Utility

Date Released: September 24, 2017

Current bat dates:
 makeListOfFilesInFolder.bat: September 14, 2011
 makeListOfFilesInFolderAndAllItsSubfolders.bat: October 7, 2012
 makeListInCOfFilesInFolderAndAllItsSubfolders.bat: October 7, 2012

Zip sizes:
 makeListOfFilesInFolder.zip: 182 bytes
 makeListOfFilesInFolderAndAllItsSubfolders.zip: 241 bytes
 makeListInCOfFilesInFolderAndAllItsSubfolders.zip: 253 bytes

Description: These files are not normally needed. But sometimes a person has a ZT or computer problem and, when they ask others about the problem, those other people may ask to see a list of files in a specific folder or group of folders. When that happens, the person with the problem may be given a link to this post so that they can get one of these files, which will create lists of files in a person's folder or folders. In all cases, the person would extract the ".bat" file from one of these ".zip" files, put it in the folder that is requested, and double-click the ".bat" file to create the list. makeListOfFilesInFolder.bat will create the file listOfFilesInFolder.txt in the same folder and listOfFilesInFolder.txt will then contain a list of all of the files in the folder. makeListOfFilesInFolderAndAllItsSubfolders.bat will create the file listOfFilesInFolderAndAllItsSubfolders.txt in the same folder and listOfFilesInFolderAndAllItsSubfolders.txt will then contain a list of all of the files in the folder and all of the files in all of the subfolders in the folder, for as many levels of subfolders that exist. This is the one that is usually the most useful to see if ZT is set up correctly. The list could become quite large if it is in some folder other than ZT. Some folders on some computers do not allow ".txt" files to be created in them. So makeListInCOfFilesInFolderAndAllItsSubfolders.bat can be used. makeListInCOfFilesInFolderAndAllItsSubfolders.bat is similar to makeListOfFilesInFolderAndAllItsSubfolders.bat, but will create listInCOfFilesInFolderAndAllItsSubfolders.txt in the main folder of the C: partition.

Click here to download makeListOfFilesInFolder.zip
Click here to download makeListOfFilesInFolderAndAllItsSubfolders.zip
Click here to download makeListInCOfFilesInFolderAndAllItsSubfolders.zip
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