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Author Topic: Briars  (Read 1981 times)
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« on: February 05, 2018, 07:42:56 PM »


ZT Designer Guild

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Author : Fern
Keywords : foliage, halloween, alien
Release date : 5 February 2018
Compatibility : All Game Versions
Description : Recolours and resizing of Devona's briar from her Halloween 2014 Pack

Smaller Briar Trees  - 48.1 kb
Description : Two smaller versions of Devona's original Briar Tree.

Alien Briars - 761 kb
Description : Three sizes of briar from various sectors of Otherwhere and Darkworld. Great for use in alien or Halloween zoos.

Fire and Midas Briars - 181 kb

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« Reply #1 on: February 05, 2018, 07:44:09 PM »

Additional info:

Foliage - All Exhibits,  water placeable, height 3
14hlBriarMedium_fn.ztd  Medium Briar  ucs: 79DFD0AC  2x2 tiles
14hlBriarSmall_fn.ztd  Small Briar  ucs: 79D6E061  1 tile

Foliage - All Exhibits, water placeable, height 3
BleachedBriar_fn.ztd  Bleached Briar  ucs: FD637064  2x2 tiles
BleachedBriarMedium_fn.ztd  Medium Bleached Briar  ucs: A5808078  2x2 tiles
BleachedBriarSmall_fn.ztd  Small Bleached Briar  ucs: A56C80D3  1 tile
DarkwoodBriarMedium_fn.ztd  Medium Darkworld Briar  ucs: A5A8906B  2x2 tiles
DarkwoodBriarSmall_fn.ztd  Small Darkworld Briar  ucs: A588605E  1 tile
DarkworldBriar_fn.ztd  Darkworld Briar  ucs: FD5C205E  2x2 tiles
DarkworldFireBriar_fn.ztd  Darkworld Fire Briar  ucs: FD70A05A  2x2 tiles
DarkworldFireBriarMedium_fn.ztd  Medium Darkworld Fire Briar  ucs: A5B22054  2x2 tiles
DarkworldFireBriarSmall_fn.ztd  Small Darkworld Fire Briar  ucs: A5D6C06B  1 tile
DarkworldForestBriar_fn.ztd  Darkworld Forest Briar  ucs: FD7F405A  2x2 tiles
DarkworldForestBriarMedium_fn.ztd  Medium Darkworld Forest Briar  ucs: A6061107  2x2 tiles
DarkworldForestBriarSmall_fn.ztd  Small Darkworld Forest Briar  ucs: A5DE4061  1 tile
DarkworldPurpleBriar_fn.ztd  Darkworld Purple Forest Briar  ucs: FD776057  2x2 tiles
DarkworldPurpleBriarMedium_fn.ztd  Medium Darkworld Purple Forest Briar  ucs: A619F05A  2x2 tiles
DarkworldPurpleBriarSmall_fn.ztd  Small Darkworld Purple Forest Briar  ucs: A60DE085  1 tile
GhostBriar_fn.ztd  Ghost Briar  ucs: FD56004D  2x2 tiles
GhostBriarMedium_fn.ztd  Medium Ghost Briar  ucs: A647005A  2x2 tiles
GhostBriarSmall_fn.ztd  Small Ghost Briar  ucs: A63D205E  1 tile
OtherwhereSeaSwampBriar_fn.ztd  Otherwhere Sea Swamp Briar  ucs: FD6A3064  2x2 tiles
OtherwhereSeaSwampBriarMedium_fn.ztd  Medium Otherwhere Sea Swamp Briar  ucs: A66CA05E  2x2 tiles
OtherwhereSeaSwampBriarSmall_fn.ztd  Small Otherwhere Sea Swamp Briar  ucs: A6646057  1 tile

Foliage - All Exhibits, water placeable, height 3
FireBriar_fn.ztd  Fire Briar  ucs: 12FCA054  2x2 tiles
FireBriarMedium_fn.ztd  Medium Fire Briar  ucs: A637606B  2x2 tiles
FireBriarSmall_fn.ztd  Small Fire Briar  ucs: A621705A  1 tile
MidasBriar_fn.ztd  Midas Briar  ucs: FD4E905A  2x2 tiles
MidasBriarMedium_fn.ztd  Medium Midas Briar  ucs: A65BC067  2x2 tiles
MidasBriarSmall_fn.ztd  Small Midas Briar  ucs: A655A061  1 tile
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