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Author Topic: Snowy Gardens by Genkicoll & Gem  (Read 720 times)
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« on: June 19, 2018, 07:38:19 AM »

Snowy Gardens

ZooTek Phoenix

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Author: Genkicoll & Gem

Keywords: winter, gardens

Release date: Dec 12 2007

File Size: 1.63mb

Compatibility: All Game Versions

Description: The snowy gardens showcased in our Great December Event, 2007
This pack contains:
Icy Tundra, Snowy Mt.Leopard, Polar Bear Clan, Santa & Friend, Arctic Greetings, Arctic Gathering, Himalayan Yeti, Mountainside Markhor, Alaskan Polar Bears, Reindeer Herd, Siberian Tiger Winterland, Roaming Reindeer, Frosty Equine Fun, Winter Swan Garden Pond, Swan Lake, Caribou Country, Snow Buddies, First Snow, Polar Curiosity, Wintry Plains and Dashing Through the Snow.
HUGE thanks to Brandi, Jan, Catfish, African_Raptor, Jordan, Ghirin and Jay for allowing us to use some of their creations in these gardens!

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Posts: 20029

« Reply #1 on: June 19, 2018, 09:43:23 PM »

Additional info:

Foliage - Not For Exhibits, water placeable
gcAlasPolarGarden.ztd  Alaskan Polar Bear Garden  ucs: CE39442B  3x3 tiles  height 1
gcArcGreetGarden.ztd  Arctic Greetings Garden  ucs: E112412B  3x2 tiles  height 1
gcArctGatherGarden.ztd  Arctic Gathering Garden  ucs: CBBEDB7A  3x3 tiles  height 2
gcCaribouCountGarden.ztd  Caribou Country Garden  ucs: CBEB7057  4x4 tiles  height 1
gcDashSnowGarden.ztd  Dashing Through the Snow Garden  ucs: 4E89A026  3x1 tile  height 1
gcFirstSnowGarden.ztd  First Snow Garden  ucs: CF03BE28  4x4 tiles  height 1
gcFstyEquineFunGarden.ztd  Frosty Equine Fun Garden  ucs: 9F2F6057  3x2 tiles  height 1
gcHimYetiGarden.ztd  Himalayan Yeti Garden  ucs: CF0D92FB  4x4 tiles  height 1
gcIcyTundraGarden.ztd  Icy Tundra Garden  ucs: CBB7A9B6  4x4 tiles  height 1
gcMarkhMntsdGarden.ztd  Mountainside Markhor Garden  ucs: FBB95EFC  4x2 tiles  height 1
gcPolarClanGarden.ztd  Polar Bear Clan Garden  ucs: fbc3142b  4x4 tiles  height 1
gcPolarCuriosityGarden.ztd  Polar Curiosity Garden  ucs: 9F3BF3F2  3x3 tiles  height 1
gcReindHerdGarden.ztd  Reindeer Herd Garden  ucs: FBC96711  3x3 tiles  height 1
gcRoamReindeerGarden.ztd  Roaming Reindeer Garden  ucs: CEA0742B  3x3 tiles  height 1
gcSanta-n-FriendGarden.ztd  Santa and Friend Garden  ucs: 06df7026  1 tile  height 2
gcSibTigWntrlandGarden.ztd  Siberian Tiger Winterland Garden  ucs: 06E80E28  4x4 tiles  height 1
gcSnowBuddiesGarden.ZTD  Snow Buddies Garden  ucs: 4ACF986E  3x3 tiles  height 1
gcSnwyMtLeopGarden.ztd  Snowy Mt. Leopard Garden  ucs: CEBF79B6  4x4 tiles  height 2
gcWintryPlnsGarden.ZTD  Wintry Plains Garden  ucs: 4ADF23D7  4x4 tiles  height 1
gcWintSwanGarden.ztd  Winter Swan Garden Pond  ucs: 070D9E17  4x2 tiles  height 1
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