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Author Topic: Easter Egg Shelters 2  (Read 1515 times)
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« on: December 04, 2018, 04:25:07 AM »

Easter Egg Shelters 2

ZT Designer Guild

Click Site name to reach the download

Author: Fern and Devona

Keywords: shelters, Easter

Release date: 24 June 2018

File Size: 633 kb

Compatibility: All Game Versions

Description: 25 Recolours of devona's shelter. Your animals will enjoy taking refuge in these Easter egg shelters.

Note: When a purchase menu in ZT has more than 1 object using the same messages, you have to pay attention when selecting one of the later ones of those objects in the purchase menu. If you select one of them and then rotate the icons in the purchase menu or close and reopen the purchase menu or ZT checks if there are new things to unlock (which is usually at the start of certain game months), ZT will change the selection in the purchase menu to the first one of the objects using the same messages. This can sometimes be confusing. But this is a small inconvenience so that we do not run out of IDs faster than needed. In this case, all of these shelters are using the same "Fancy Shelter" messages.

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« Reply #1 on: December 04, 2018, 04:41:57 AM »

Additional info:

message ids in LANG--ZTCDD.dll, LANG--fern-Tek.dll

Fancy Shelter
Size: 2 x 2 Tiles
 Capacity: 6
 Purchase Cost: 250

 Animals go there to rest

All use unlockfancyshelter.scn and the ingame name "Fancy Shelter" and are height 3

BlackNWhiteEggShelter_dev_fn.ztd  B8385088.ucb
BlueEggShelter_dev_fn.ztd  343B1289.ucb
ChocolateEggShelter_dev_fn.ztd  B840C0ED.ucb
CitrineEggShelter_dev_fn.ztd  34C00057.ucb
CosmicCustardEggShelter_dev_fn.ztd  B87871C8.ucb
EctoplasmEggshelter_dev_fn.ztd  B8C280ED.ucb
EggplantEggShelter_dev_fn.ztd  B8B690E4.ucb
ElectricBlueEggShelter_dev_fn.ztd  B8CE01EF.ucb
EveningEggShelter_dev_fn.ztd  B862C0F7.ucb
GlaucousEggShelter_dev_fn.ztd  B8E80078.ucb
GreenEggShelter_dev_fn.ztd  344D3057.ucb
GreenNYellowEggShelter_dev_fn.ztd  B8462085.ucb
MaroonEggShelter_dev_fn.ztd  B8ED3166.ucb
MidasEggShelter_dev_fn.ztd  B810A088.ucb
NeonLicoriceEggShelter_dev_fn.ztd  B866E074.ucb
OceanEggShelter_dev_fn.ztd  B872906B.ucb
OrangeEggShelter_dev_fn.ztd  B8335085.ucb
PeachFuzzShelter_dev_fn.ztd  B8BE2074.ucb
PurpleEggShelter_dev_fn.ztd  34796057.ucb
RedEggShelter_dev_fn.ztd  34A14057.ucb
SkyBlueNPinkEggShelter_dev_fn.ztd   B84CC0B3.ucb
SoftSunshineEggShelter_dev_fn.ztd  B85A707B.ucb
TealEggShelter_dev_fn.ztd  34AEE08B.ucb
WhiteEgg_Shelter_dev_fn.ztd  34B9308B.ucb
YellowNGreenEggShelter_dev_fn.ztd  B8512104.ucb
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