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Author Topic: Harry Potter Hallucination Pack 1  (Read 4011 times)
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An Oldie but Goodie
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« on: April 25, 2006, 09:59:51 PM »

Harry Potter Hallucination Pack 1

ZTCDD  and  Zoo Admin (no longer exists) now ZA at Tek

Click Site name to reach the download

Author:  zoomaniac022

Keywords: theme pack

Date released: Jul 13th 05
Updated: January 26, 2018 by fern to make the banners and candles consistent at being allowed in exhibits and on water terrain, to make the banner height settings consistent (height 1), to no longer have the candles and Hufflepuff banner count as rocks for suitability since they are not in the rocks purchase menu, to increase the hut's height setting so that it will not be treated as see-through, to remove unnecessary files and configuration lines, and to prevent the building from causing the ZT expansion packs to unlock some things sooner than they should.

Size:  205 KB

Compatibility:  ZT Complete Collection

Description:  Harry Potter Hallucination features some scenery and a building themed around Harry Potter. The building is based on Privet Drive and the scenery includes floating candles, house banners and Hagrid's Hut! This pack was released in honor of the  book, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince!

Many thanks to: Yellowrose- For allowing me to make a mini pack, she also is making Harry Potter stuff. MidwaysboyfromLA- For allowing me to use his objects from RCT2 and bring them to ZT. Casey- For the programming. Fern and RND - for rotation fixes
Requires the ZA03.dll

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« Reply #1 on: January 24, 2018, 05:35:31 AM »

Additional info:

Follow link for more info on the 4 Privet Drive building
4PrivetDrive.ZTD      46A70FCB.ai      bldg-privetdirve.cfg         height 3

Scenery - All Exhibits, water placeable, 1 tile, height 2
Floating Candles.ztd  Floating Candles  ucs: 43B59637

Scenery - All Exhibits, water placeable, 1/2 tile, height 1
Gryfindor Banner.ztd  Gryfindor Banner  ucs: 43AD43BB
Hogwarts Banner.ztd  Hogwart's Banner  ucs: 43BFD39F
Hufflepuff Banner.ztd  Hufflepuff Banner  ucs: 43CFB994
Ravenclaw Banner.ztd  Ravenclaw Banner  ucs: 43C88995
Slytherin Banner.ztd  Slytherin Banner  ucs: 75ad21be

Scenery - Not For Exhibits, 3x3 tiles, height 3
Hagrids Hut.ztd  Hagrid's Hut  ucs: 43A3708B
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