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Author Topic: Arabian Nights MM Animals 2  (Read 4708 times)
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« on: May 01, 2008, 11:48:51 AM »

Arabian Nights MM Animals 2

Zoo Admin (no longer exists)

Click Site name to reach the download

Author : Artifex Team

Category : User Created Expansion Pack

Date Added : 11th October, 2007

Updated : N/A

Size : 7,284 KB

Compatibility : ZT2, Marine Mania REQUIRED

Description : This includes the Indus river dolphin, smooth otter, Caspian turtle and hilsa prey. Please make sure you have a Download This First file installed to eliminate bugs.
Download a Non-Installer Version (Plain .z2f file) from link at site.

Indus River Dolphin Platanista minorThe Indus river dolphin is only found in the Indus River, located in the country Pakistan. It used to live throughout the river, but due mainlyto human construction, their range has been severely limited. Their eyes are hard to see and almost useless, leading to the name of the "blind river dolphin". Due to the murky waters, echolocation is themost efficient way for the dolphins to navigate, not sight. Using thisecholocation, they find and eat various fish such as herring, catfish,and carp as well as prawns and clams.
Smooth Otter Lutrogale perspicillataSmooth-coated otters live in the wetlands of much of Southern Asiaincluding India and some isolated populations in Iraq, however it islikely that their range is shrinking due to trapping and habitat loss.To communicate they use scent glands and smell as well as varyingbody positions, touch and sound. These otters frequently hunt in groups in order to make an easy catch of a whole school of fish, butthey also eat insects, crustaceans, some birds, reptiles andamphibians.
Caspian Turtle Mauremys caspicaThe caspian turtle is native to countries east of the Mediterranean Seaincluding Southern Europe down into the Arabian Peninsula and across intoIraq, Iran and Russia. They prefer freshwater ecosystems, but are sometimesseen in more brackish waters.

Date Listed : May 1, 2008

* ArabianNightsMMAnimals2.JPG (15.58 KB, 614x211 - viewed 563 times.)
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