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Author Topic: Farm Animal Pack  (Read 7864 times)
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« on: March 15, 2009, 02:33:19 AM »

Farm Animal Pack

Zookeeper's Lounge

Click Site name to reach the download

Author: Devona & Michele

Keywords: real animal

Date released: Jan 17 2004

Zip size: 3.75 MB

Current ztd dates: July 15, 2002 for all

Compatibility: All Game Versions

Description: The Farm Pack contains some common farm animals which are all compatible and can therefore be placed in the same exhibit. The animals include a Chester White Pig, Fengjing Pig (the black one), Grey Arabian Horse, Shagya Arabian Horse, a goat, and a white-tail deer.

The Chester White breed originated in Chester County, Pennsylvania and thereby derived its breed name. At first it was called the Chester County White, but later the "county" was dropped.

The Fengjing breed was introduced into the United States under a cooperative effort of the USDA, the University of Illinois, and Iowa State University. Meishan and Minzhu were also introduced with this program at the same time. A total of 144 pigs of these breeds were brought to the U.S. with this program. Iowa State University received 8 Fengjing males for research on July 27, 1989.

A grey horse's coat color is a mixture of white and dark hairs growing out of dark skin. Rarely is any Arabian foal born as a distinctly recognizable grey. They are usually born chestnut or bay, and within weeks will begin showing signs of grey around the eyes, flank, and below the elbow. Occasionally, grey splotches will develop on the body, croup, or thigh before they are visible around the eyes. A foal will not turn grey unless at least one parent is grey.

Shagyas are born riding and carriage horses. The Shagya Arabian is a special Arabian breed which is not very well known worldwide because of its rarity. The breed was developed 150-200 years ago on the famous military stud farms of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy. With its origins deriving from purebred desert Arabians, the Shagya breed was consolidated many generations ago, so that it breeds consistently true to type. The Shagyas combine the advantages of the Bedouin Arabian, (elegant type, great hardiness and toughness, endurance, easy keeping qualities, and inborn friendliness toward humans), with the requirements of a modern riding horse, i.e. sufficient height, big frame, and great "rideability", including excellent movement and enormous jumping ability. If purebred Arabians are considered the "diamonds" of the horse world, Shagyas can be considered the "brilliants", cut and polished in order to fulfill the demand for high quality riding and driving horses in the modern world.

Goat, common name for any of eight species of cloven-hoofed, horned mammals closely related to the sheep. The two differ in that the goat's tail is shorter and the hollow horns are long and directed upward, backward, and outward, while those of the sheep are spirally twisted. The male goats have beards, unlike sheep, and differ further by the characteristic strong odor they give off in the rutting season.

Virginia Deer, deer native to the eastern United States, is also known as white-tailed deer. In summer the deer has red-brown fur that changes to gray-brown in winter. The tail is characteristically long and is white underneath. The Virginia deer is one of the largest American deer, the buck reaching about 183 cm (about 72 in) in length and about 91 cm (about 36 in) in height at the shoulder and weighing close to 136 kg (300 lb). It is one of the most popular targets of American big-game hunters, but because of strict conservation laws regulating deer hunting, the total number of these deer remains almost constant. The full-grown antlers of the male are arched forward and have five or six points. The animals are very swift and canter with their heads and tails erect. Two fawns, born in the spring, comprise a typical brood; the young have red-brown fur flecked with white spots that disappear during their first winter. Some suburbs and forest areas now have high deer populations, which may lead to destruction of vegetation and of associated nest sites for ground-dwelling forest birds. Two subspecies of Virginia deer, the key deer and the Columbian white-tailed deer, are classified as endangered.

* farmpack.jpg (24.93 KB, 322x304 - viewed 810 times.)
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« Reply #1 on: March 15, 2009, 02:46:16 AM »

Additional info:

Follow the links for Suitability Guides:
Chester White Pig                   chesterwhitepig.ztd            uca: 10277E28 dated 15 July 2002
Fengjing Pig                           Fengjingpig.ztd                  uca: 10252026 dated 15 July 2002
Grey Arabian                          greyarabian.ZTD                uca: 43FD8026 dated 15 July 2002
Shagya Arabian Horse              ShagyaArabian.ztd             uca: 43FF7E28 dated 15 July 2002
White Goat                            whitegoat.ztd                    uca: 0F7B6026 dated 15 July 2002
White-tailed Deer                    whitetail.ZTD                    uca: 5781E026 dated 15 July 2002

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