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Author Topic: Eclectus Parrot  (Read 3010 times)
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« on: April 08, 2009, 04:07:56 AM »

Eclectus Parrot

Zoo Admin (no longer exists)

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Author: csleesburg

Category: ZT2 Ambient Animals

Date Added: July, 2006

Size: 100 KB

Compatibility: ZT2 ES

Description: A bird that flies over your zoo. Parrots are gaily and boldly colored birds. Their plumage, which is evenly but thinly distributed over their bodies,  consists of patches of solid color, often sharply contrasting one with another. Both sexes are glossy, brilliant birds, but  the male is bright green with blue and red patches, while the female is crimson with a blue belly.
The feet of  parrots are unusual. The two outer toes of the foot point backwards and grip in opposition to the two forward pointing inner  toes. This provides them with an extremely powerful grasp, enabling them to hold and manipulate objects close to their bill.  Most parrots are tree-dwellers, and they tend to be most plentiful in and around lowland tropical forests. Parrots nest in  holes, usually in trees, but sometimes among rocks or in termite mounds.
Eclectus parrots are found in Lesser Sundas,  Solomon islands, New Guinea, and NE Australia. In the early 1980's they were found to be among the most common parrots in  the Moluccan Islands. They are birds of lowland forests and clumps of tall trees.
These birds are strong fliers and on  long flights, they fly high above the forest canopy. Calling loudly, pairs or small parties travel widely through the upper  canopy in search of fruits, seeds, nuts, berries, leaf buds, blossoms and nectar, all of which are procured mainly in the  treetops. In the evening they engage in display flights before gathering in large groups of up to 80 birds to roost for the  night.
They have two distinct calls. In flight a harsh, screeching is repeated three or four times. While feeding  they have a wailing cry or a mellow flute-like call.

Date Listed : April 8, 2009

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