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Author Topic: What is the Download Directory?  (Read 34268 times)
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« on: May 16, 2010, 01:20:59 AM »

The main purpose of this Downloads Directory site is to provide an index to the downloads that are available at other Zoo Tycoon sites. You will find these listed in the various "Download Listings" areas of this site. For example, to find animals that were made for Zoo Tycoon 1 that begin with the letter A, click Child Board "A" that is beneath "Animals" that is beneath "Download Listings - Zoo Tycoon" on the main page of this site. In the list of animals that you see, you would then click on the animal name. This will show a post that contains information for the download. If it is something you want to download, you would have to go to the Zoo Tycoon site that has that download. You would do this by clicking on the Zoo Tycoon site name that is in the information post. Sometimes there is more than one Zoo Tycoon site shown. That means that specific download is available at more than one site. But you might want to check all of the listed sites in case the download was updated at one web site but not at the others. Sometimes a link might not work. There are many reasons for this. Sometimes that web site might be down for maintenance and trying again later might work. Sometimes a web site might change its location or change its download system and, therefore, the link here no longer works. Sometimes when we know this, we might change the site name to say "Offline" and remove the link until we can find the updated location. Eventually those links will be fixed, but it can take a very long time for large web sites that move or change their download system. Sometimes a link might not be working because we accidentally made a mistake when creating the link. If it looks like most of the links to a web site work but one or a few do not, then you can let us know and we will fix them.

Not all web sites are listed here. Only those web sites that have given us permission are shown here. Also, different web sites give us different permissions. Some web sites allow us to link to the specific download pages at their site. Some web sites only allow us to link to their main page. In a few cases, but not many, a web site might have given us permission to have the download here. Usually that is an old web site that went away but they still wanted their downloads to be available somewhere. For the most part, however, the purpose of this web site is not to provide the downloads themselves.

Since nearly all downloads are at other web sites, if you have a problem getting or using a download, you would need to ask about it at those other web sites. Some web sites do not allow you to download something from their web site unless you are a member. In some cases, you might even have to contribute to the web site to get a specific download.

Another way to find something at this site is to use the "SEARCH" button in the menu at the top of every page. That allows finding a specific download or even a set of downloads that contain what you are searching for. In the list of Search Results, you can then click on a Subject name to see its information post. In many browsers, clicking on the Subject name with the middle or right mouse button will allow bringing the information post up in another window or browser tab, which can often make it easier to look at a lot of things in the Search Results list.
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