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Author Topic: Brick theme Pack 7  (Read 769 times)
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« on: August 08, 2011, 06:24:15 AM »

Brick theme Pack 7

ZooTek Phoenix

Click Site name to reach the download

Author: Genkicoll

Keywords: flowerbeds, gardens, fountains

Date released: May 9 2009

Size: 1.5mb

Compatibility: All Game Versions

Description: Brick-themed Pack part 7 contains 16 items, including flowerbeds, gardens and three new fountains. Includes both separate ztds and a combined ztd.*
Many thanks to both Sundance and Brandi for allowing me to use their items to put together some of these items.

*You will need either the combined ztd OR the individual ztds - you do not need to use both.

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« Reply #1 on: June 19, 2018, 07:05:11 AM »

Additional info:

gcBrickThemePack7_combined.ztd contains the following 16 files:

Foliage - Not For Exhibits
gcAutBountyGarden.ztd  Autumn's Bounty Garden  ucs: CBC48EFC  3x3 tiles  height 1, water placeable
gcBlanketFlowerPlntr.ztd  Blanket Flower Planter  ucs: CBCB942B  1 tile  height 1, water placeable
gcBrkAutumnTreePlntr.ztd  Autumn Tree Planter  ucs: FA326637  1 tile  height 1
gcBrkCedLilacGard.ztd  Cedar Lilac Garden  ucs: 12373047  3x3 tiles  height 1, water placeable
gcBrkDualHeartsGarden.ztd  Dual Hearts Garden  ucs: FA1563BB  2x2 tiles  height 1
gcBrkLilFountPlntr.ztd  Brick Lilac Fountain Planter  ucs: 12206207  3x3 tiles  height 1, water placeable
gcBrkMixedPurplesFlwrbed.ztd  Mixed Purples Flowerbed  ucs: FA3E5B75  1 tile  height 1
gcBrkPhloxFernFlwrbed.ztd  Creeping Phlox and Fern Flowerbed  ucs: FA4D839F  1 tile  height 1
gcBrkRoseFernRockGrdn.ztd  Rose, Fern and Rock Garden  ucs: F9FE408B  2x2 tiles  height 2
gcColeusPlntr.ztd  Coleus Planter  ucs: CBF353F2  1 tile  height 1, water placeable
gcScarlCarnationPlntr.ztd  Scarlet Carnation Planter  ucs: CEB25057  1 tile  height 1, water placeable
gcTranqRockPoolGarden.ztd  Tranquil Rock Pool Garden  ucs: CE865B7A  2x2 tiles  height 1, water placeable
gcTropicsBrkGarden.ztd  Tropics Brick Garden  ucs: E69D1207  3x3 tiles  height 1

Scenery - Not For Exhibits, height 1
gcBrkOctFount.ztd  Brick Octagon Fountain  ucs: 5f96f026  3x3 tiles  water placeable
gcBrnBrkTierFount.ztd  Brown Brick Tiered Fountain  ucs: 36f4c057  2x2 tiles
gcTanBrkTierFount.ztd  Tan Brick Tiered Fountain  ucs: 3726D026  2x2 tiles
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