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Author Topic: Liliensternus by Devona and AirNoble  (Read 2713 times)
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« on: April 17, 2012, 10:16:51 PM »


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Author: Devona and AirNoble

Keywords: Extinct Animal

Date released: January 15, 2004

Zip size: 1.36 MB

Current ztd date: September 10, 2002

Compatibility: DD, MM with DD, or CC

Description: none available

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« Reply #1 on: April 17, 2012, 10:45:26 PM »

Additional info:

Liliensternus.ztd             uca: 5832800E dated 4 Sep 2002

Results From Configuration Checking:

animals/5832800e.uca date: Wed Sep  4 14:15:16 2002
*** Warning: The [] section is unnecessary and could be removed.
Animal Type: 5832800E


Most people familiar with dinosaurs know that the Triassic period had its fair
share of predators to give the remaining thecodonts a run for their money.
North America had Coelophysis, Africa had its close cousin Syntarsus, and
South America had the Herrerasaur clan.  But Europe also had a fearsome
predator at the close of the Triassic.  A relative of Coelophysis,
Liliensternus prowled coastal forests and swamps in Germany and France.
Originally named Halticosaurus by von Huene in 1934, Liliensternus was named
after the great Hugo Rüle von Lilienstern.  In fact, its name is somewhat
unusual.  When originally described and named as Halticosaurus, it was
assigned the species name 'liliensterni,' again in honor of Hugo Rüle von
Lilienstern.  However, once the genus was changed to the older Liliensternus
(seniority rules according to the ICZN), the full name became Liliensternus
    (plus 11 other paragraphs)

Animal Characteristics:

Habitat: Deciduous Forest; Location: Eurasia; Era: Triassic
Minimum happiness needed for chance of breeding: 97.
Preferred shelter: Dinosaur Burrow (DD).
Animal can jump.
Animal can climb cliffs.
Cannot be used in original Zoo Tycoon: cKeeperFoodType (7) is not 0 to 5.

Exhibit Preferences:

 Wild Olive Tree, Elm Tree, Pacific Dogwood Tree, Cherry Tree, Maple Tree
 Thornless Mesquite Tree, Birch Tree, Trembling Aspen Tree, Globe Willow Tree
 Japanese Maple Tree, Deciduous Bush, Weeping Willow Tree, White Oak Tree
 Walchian Conifer Tree (DD), Gingko Tree (DD), Glossopteris Tree (DD)
 Lepidodendron Tree (DD), Magnolia Tree (DD), Norfolk Island Pine Tree (DD)
 Bonsai (CC), Snowbell Tree (CC)

 Small Rock - Medium, Small Rock - Small, Deciduous Forest Rock - Formation

Exhibit Construction:

Number of animals allowed per exhibit: 1-6 with 100 squares for each adult.

Exhibit size (for 2 adults): 200 grid squares

Terrain (for exhibit with 200 grid squares):
 110 Deciduous Floor, 10 Fresh Water, 30 Brown Stone, 50 Coniferous Floor

Foliage (for exhibit with 200 grid squares):
 16 grid squares should contain foliage.
 Foliage that would give the most happiness: Magnolia Tree (DD)
 Since this is a small plant, greatest happiness will occur
 if each of the 16 grid squares contains 4 of this plant.

Rocks (for exhibit with 200 grid squares):
 16 Small Rock - Small, which is its most liked rock.

Elevation: Of the 200 squares, 8 nonadjacent squares should be elevated.
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