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Author Topic: ZT Override dll File  (Read 3147 times)
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« on: February 16, 2013, 06:53:28 AM »

ZT Override dll File

Designer's Guild

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Author : Jay

Keywords : Combined dll

Date Added : February 16, 2013

Updated : August 23, 2013 by Jay to add the "Purchase DD Rubble." message.

Current dll date : August 23, 2013

Size : 25 KB

Compatibility : All Game Versions

Overview : Combined ".dll" file for new messages given to Blue Fang IDs.

Description : When Blue Fang (BF) created Zoo Tycoon (ZT), they put placeholders in their ".dll" files for some future messages. Two of these have been used for user created objects: a wooden curb and a Pony Ride. Although separate ".dll" files were created for those, the messages were put into this ".dll" to reduce the number of ".dll" files used. When using this ".dll", you can remove lang999-curbwd.dll and lang999-ponyride.dll from your ZT folder, if they are there, since those will no longer be necessary. As other BF messages are overridden, they will also be placed in this ".dll". This ".dll" also includes the messages for the Allow Purchasing Young Hack, the Developer Menu Hack, and the Developer Map Editor Hack, since those also use messages for BF IDs.

Where To Put The dll: Extract lang999-override.dll from lang999-override.zip and put lang999-override.dll in ZT's main folder, which is where lang0.dll is, among other things.

Additional Notes : lang999-override.dll can be left in the main ZT folder without any problems. Including lang999-override.dll, I have 18 user made ".dll" files that I always keep in my main ZT folder.
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