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Author Topic: Downloads Guide for ZT1 vs ZT2, Mac vs PC  (Read 8765 times)
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« on: February 23, 2009, 10:41:08 AM »

( hey everyone this is PartyWolf from ZTP and ZTE )
I tried to put this in Game Play Information but I couldn't do that- so please don't blame me for placing it in the section about conflicts and crashes...)  

Before any questions about downloads are asked... LOOK HERE!!

If you see ANYTHING wrong please PM me before posting here, and please tell me if it gets too messy and/or confusing.

Well, here it is, the ZT1 half of the Guide

Zoo Tycoon Downloads Guide for Mac, PC, ZT1 and ZT2

Written by PartyWolf


Download Locations: ZTP, ZTUF, ZTABC, ZA, and other little sites
Total Expansion Packs: Zoo Tycoon (PC, Mac), Marine Mania (PC, Mac), Dino Digs (PC, Mac), Complete Collection (all 3 put together- for PC and for Mac)
If your buying an expansion pack, I highly recommend Complete Collection. Go for that first. You don't need anything- no other disks or expansion packs. You're done. Then, if for some reason you can't get CC, buy Zoo Tycoon, and if you want my opinion of the better expansion pack, choose Marine Mania over Dino Digs. There's so much new stuff and animals- plus I never use Dinos- I use their foliage and scenery, since Dinos drive...me...nuts!! But many people would say DD is better.

Abbreviations: ZT1 (Zoo Tycoon 1), MM (Marine Mania), DD (Dino Digs), CC (Complete Collection), ZTCC (Zoo Tycoon Complete Collection) ztd (Zoo Tycoon Download)

For Mac, you don't need anything. It's all in-computer. You can even compress stuff with no application. But if you want to open any of the files you've compressed, you need something. The computer doesn't open files, it just compresses them; and you can't combine files, either. For opening files, there are applications like Zipeg (free) and Stuff-It (you need to pay for it).
***For PC, you don't need an application to open or compress a file, if you have XP. You can also combine files using an application called WinRar. Follow Genkicoll's tutorial about it in the Phoenix University section, or go here.
ZT1 Downloads have either .ztd downloads or .dll extensions. .dll Downloads are files that make in-game buildings and guest-interactive items work. .ztd downloads are animals, scenery, buildings, trees, etc.

For Mac, all .ztd downloads are placed in your dlupdates folder. Where can you find that folder? First you go into Users/*your name*/Documents/Zoo Tycoon. Go inside of the Zoo Tycoon folder and into your Zoo Data folder. Scroll down or type in 'dl' and it should take you to your dlupdates folder. When you first install your game, that folder should be empty. Go crazy. .dll files go in the main Zoo Tycoon folder. It is the folder that holds the Zoo Data folder. Users/*your name*/Documents/Zoo Tycoon.
**For Windows PC for XP or Vista you should put your .dll files in in Program Files>Microsoft Games>Zoo Tycoon. You put your .ztd files in your dlupdates folder if you have Complete Collection, otherwise just place the .ztd downloads in your Updates folder.

For Mac, I've found out that Zoo Tycoon can hold about 0-60 downloads, not including the .dll files. If you have a Mac it is highly recommended that before you download any item, such as Ghirin's Rocs, you look for a combined file first. Combined files mean more space for you!!!
   For PC, I've read that it can hold around 360 items. Correct me if I am wrong. Go crazy if you have a PC, and if you download you don't need to look for combined files first, but you still should. Remember, combined files mean more space for you, even if you lucky ducks have room for over 100 downloads. I envy you.

Sometimes when you download files for ZT1, you get a folder that has a ReadMe and/or a screenshot of the download in action. Just drag the .ztd file out of the folder onto your desktop and delete the rest of the folder. You don't need the folder or anything in it beside for your .ztd file.

Don't even ask that question! With ZT1 Downloads, there's EVERYTHING!!! From trash cans to Moondawg's dinosaurs, from bridges to trees, buildings to scenery, there's EVERYTHING!! Anything you could possible think of... and more. Just don't go too crazy (or lost in the world of downloads), OK??

Tons of stuff! If you have MM, complete the Shark World scenario and you get the Photo Booth so you can use in any of your zoos! It is in the Buildings section.
Iceberg- win the Award- "Excellence in Arctic Construction"- it is placable in the water.
Bottlenose Dolphin Statue- win "Best Dolphin Show Award"
California Sea Lion Statue- win "Best Seal Show Award"
Elephant Seal Statue- win "Zoo of the Year" award
Orca Statue- win "Best Orca Show" award
Show Grandstand 2- win the Aquatic Show Park scenario
Trio Statue (statue of the Elephant, Orca, and T-Rex together), win the Super Zoo scenario
Yellow Brick Road Path- put a Lion, Bengal Tiger, and Black Bear in the same exhibit

Animals for one time use-
when you do these cheats the animals will not be in your animal list forever, just in that zoo
Mermaid- only for MM- put a Mermaid Statue in the same exhibit as another animal, you can move the mermaid out of that tank after and use it to make more Mermaid Statues come to life.
Unicorn- for all game versions- name an exhibit "Xanadu"
Deinosuchuse- for DD only- name any exhibit beside a tank "Super Croc"
Triceratops- for DD only- name any exhibit besides a tank "Cretaceous Corral"

For full list of cheats go to the ZT1 General Discussion Area, or go here.

2nd half of the Guide. I need waaaaaaay more info for ZT2, for both platforms and for PC mostly. If you see anything wrong PLEASE PM me first, before posting here because then I will ask an admin to delete or hide it because it is a type of "fluff" post, and it will get annoying for them. Although if you have ANY questions please PM me instead of posting here and if I have not covered this question I will add more info on it and include your name and that you asked it.


Download Locations: ZTP, ZTUF, ZTABC, and many other sites
Total Expansion Packs:
For both platforms: Zoo Tycoon 2
For PC: Marine Mania, Extinct Animals, Endangered Species, Ultimate Collection, Zookeeper's Collection
For Mac: none *cries*

Abbreviations: ZT2 (Zoo Tycoon 2), ZT2MM (Zoo Tycoon 2 Marine Mania), ZTEA (Zoo Tycoon Extinct Animals), ZTES (Zoo Tycoon Endangered Species), ZT2UC (Zoo Tycoon 2 Ultimate Collection), ZT2ZKC (Zoo Tycoon 2 Zookeeper's Collection), z2f (Zoo Tycoon 2 File), UCI (User Created Items), UCA (User Created Animals), z2s (Zoo Tycoon 2 Saved Zoo)

Ok, I am going to skip DOWNLOADS: DO I NEED ANY APLLICATIONS??? Because if I were to type it again, it would be exactly the same and it would be a waste of typing. If you really wish to see it, scroll up!!

For PC and for Mac, all ZT2 downloads have a .z2f file extension. .z2f means Zoo Tycoon 2 File. It is used for animals, variants, scenery, and buildings. If you have a PC, you don't need anything else. If you have a Mac, that's another story.
For Mac, you usually get a file saved as .dl. You need this file. I have tried playing ZT2 without this file and the animals and items freeze constantly, causing them to be unhappy, thus making your guests unhappy, making your zoo rating go down faster than you can say "OOPS!!" Most of the time you don't even notice the animals freeze- you can't be watching them all of the time!! The .dl file makes sure your downloaded items run without freezing. I don't know if PC gets this file at all or even needs it.
NOTE: Your saved zoos that you make won't have the original .zoo file extension like ZT1, but it will have a .z2s extension, and that means Zoo Tycoon 2 Saved Zoo.

Please ask if you want to post this anywhere else outside of Zoo Tek Phoenix, and if you do post it after asking me please make sure to give credit to me!

The Downloads Guide is located at:
ZooTek Phoenix
Zoo Tycoon Eclipse
Zoo Admin Downloads Directory
Questions Asked About the Downloads Guide or anything Related to It:

Special Thanks to:
**- Info given by Yellowrose
***- Info given by Alicia G
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« Reply #1 on: February 24, 2009, 12:30:11 AM »

There are a number of free, open source programs that can be used to zip and unzip ".ztd" and ".zip" files. The main semi-official ones are called "zip" and "unzip" from the Info-ZIP group. They provide versions for Linux (where they are considered to be the official zip and unzip programs), MS Windows, MS-DOS/Command Prompt, Macs, and others. They are not the easiest to use, though. Their web site:

There are advantages and disadvantages to all zip/unzip programs. In the Windows XP environment, I use several, including the above and including the one that is built into XP, depending on what I want to do. The one built into XP is the one that I use to view the contents of ".zip" and ".ztd" files that are not very large, since the one built into XP looks the same as My Computer screens. I use the above zip/unzip programs when I am working with a lot of ".zip" and ".ztd" files at once, such as trying to find something in one of them or for one of my analysis programs. The one that I use for making ".zip" and ".ztd" files is ZipCentral, because that was the easiest one to set certain options that help make smaller files, yet still be compatible with the other programs, including ZT. That also allows extracting only selected files from a ".zip". Unfortunately, the web site for that program no longer exists. So I am in the process of comparing a number of others to see which would be the best replacement. I use 7-zip for testing and for extracting the entire contents of ".zip" and ".ztd" files, as well as for viewing very large ".zip" files. It also recognizes many other formats, including ".rar". Its web site:

I have a number of other ones that I am reviewing. I will post more after I have done those reviews.
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