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Author Topic: Baiji (or Chinese River Dolphin)  (Read 4408 times)
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« on: June 29, 2013, 02:53:55 AM »

Baiji (or Chinese River Dolphin)

Author : Taz (Tasmanian_tiger)

Category : Believed to be a recently extinct animal, Cetacean

Date Added : July 11, 2013

Updated: July 10, 2013 by Jay to correct 3 animation views, to remove unnecessary files and configuration lines, to make some minor adjustments to the animal info, and to make it like the Large Yangtze Rock, Small Yangtze Rock, and Square Yangtze Rock as much as its most liked in-game rock. Please note that the version at Taz's site is no longer the most current version, since she is deceased.

Current ztd date: July 10, 2013

Size : 2.15 MB

Compatibility : MM/CC

Description : More recent evidence suggests that this species might already be extinct. The last documented sighting (supported by photographic evidence) was in 2002 and the last confirmed stranding was in 2001 (Turvey et al. in prep.). In November and December 2006 a comprehensive visual and acoustic survey failed to find a single baiji in the Yangtze River (Turvey et al. in prep.). Two research vessels covered the known habitat of baiji from Yichang to Shanghai in both the upstream and downstream directions (for quadruple coverage). In addition, one vessel towed a hydrophone to listen for baiji whistles and clicks during the downstream survey. Although Dongting and Poyang Lakes were not covered in the 2006 Yangtze mainstem survey, no baiji have been seen since 2000 by researchers studying finless porpoises in those lakes. A few undocumented sightings have been reported since 2004, but there are no photographs or physical evidence for the speciesí continued existence. The preponderance of evidence indicates that the baiji is very close to extinction or might already be extinct.
(Citation: Smith, B.D., Zhou, K., Wang, D., Reeves, R.R., Barlow, J., Taylor, B.L. & Pitman, R. 2008. Lipotes vexillifer.
In: IUCN 2013. IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. Version 2013.1.
Source: http://www.iucnredlist.org/details/12119)

Click here to download the zip containing this ztd
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