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Author Topic: Known Conflicting Files  (Read 9939 times)
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« on: January 21, 2008, 01:43:55 AM »

I will be listing files here that have known conflicts. I will move them to a new post when repaired with the date of repair done.

purppath    Zoo Admin            Purple Path    by planetkitty                    
purppath    ZooTek               Purple Haze Path   by genkicoll

genki informed 21 January 08. Since hers was the latest file it is for her to fix.

Dr R Party Waterfalls from ZTUF
Both contain lcid errors and will crash the game of some players
Rainbow Waterfall    LCID = 2057
Psychadelic Waterfall   LCID = 2057

Rick informed 14 Jan 2008
Same ucs ids
autbirchbr.ztd dated Sep 18, 2007 from BrandiFallFoliage07.zip and pj_grasslandtree.ztd dated
Oct 12, 2007 from pj_grasslandtree.zip are both using id 06D72057.
ZooTek Phoenix has been informed.

Same uca ids

uca: 76D66346 = Red Panda by ? ()  and  Snow Goat by RSN (ZA)

uca: d8dc8047 = Green Rat Snake by Gazza (ZA)  and  Mexican King Snake by RSN (ZA)

uca: 467AF057 = Mono Grande by ghirin (Tek)  and  DeLoys Ape by wendrote (ZA)

uca: E3031985 = Ferret by Melanie (ZA) and  Rat by polubing (ZA)

uca: D8ABA026 = Ring tailed lemur by RSN (ZA)  and  Shivatherium by PrawnOfTheApocalypse (ZA)

uca: 8003A9B6 = Saichania by Devona (ZKL)  and  Parasaurolophus by RSN (ZA)

uca: 37D8114C = Dik-Dik by dwarfgouramis (ZA)  and  Pudu by Tigeress_10 (ZA)

uca: D0FDF026 = Pachycephalosaurus by RSN (ZA)  and  Chirostenotes by Ztdinozaur (ZA)

uca: B101B026  = Balrog by Ultimate Fox (ZA)  and  Yeti (?)  and  Bigfoot  (?)

uca: 7984118D  =  Great white shark (?)  and  Bottlenose Dolphin by Spiritwolf (ZA)

uca: 530E8026  =  Common sun fish by RSN (ZA)  and  Black-Tipped Reef Shark by Eagle One (ZA)

uca: E418C026  =  Quokka by James24 (ZA)  and  Bennet Wallaby by RSN (ZA)

uca: F152B026  =  Giant deer (?)  and  Albino Wooly Rhino (ZKL)

uca: BC6B4026  =  Domestic Cat (ZA)  and  Arctic Fox by Krimmsun (ZA)

uca: A5286690  =  Echidna (ZA)  and  Malayan porcupine (?)

uca: 41F73026  = Flying Dragon (ZA)  and  Rhamphorhynchus (?)

uca: 4d258047  =  Harp Seal by ghirin (Tek)  and  Baikal Seal by jaguarkid (Tek)

uca: 8094F026  =  Halloween Horse (ZA)  and Caribbean Giraffe by devona(ZKL)

uca: 381B5047  =  Wombat (ZA)  and Koala (ZA)

uca: 96E22DCA  =  Komodo Dragon (ZA)  and  Black Caimen (?)

uca: 089c818a  =  Amur Leopard (Oryx)(ZA)  and  North China Leopard (ZA)  and  Amur Leopard (jaguarkid)(Tek)

uca: fd93a14c  =  Desert Anteater (Krimmsum)(ZA)  and  Phoenix (RSN's Wild Wing's WWanimals_finalfix.ztd)(ZA)

uca: e72c7047  =  Siamese Cat (Impishcat)(ZA)  and  European Lynx (Gazza)(ZA)

uca: bb49b5e8  =  ZTU Australian Freshwater Crocodile (ZA & Tek)  and  West African Dwarf Crocodile (Oryx)(ZA)

uca: 1488C0C9  =  Crowned Crane   and   Lesser Flamingo (Mngwa)(ZA)
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Task Mistress
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Posts: 8433

« Reply #1 on: January 31, 2008, 06:59:37 AM »

Same ztd names


Arabian Oryx.ztd  =  Arabian Oryx by Mngwa (ZA) and Arabian Oryx by JohnZTMaster (ZA)

Bonobo.ZTD  =  Bonobo by Europoean Bison Man (ZA) and Bonobo by Sideshow Bob (ZA)  and Bonobo by rightEyElash (Zookapi)

caribou.ztd  =  Caribou by Syberia (ZA) and Caribou by Hersheyqwert (Tek) and Caribou by Bigcatkeeper or G2K (ZT Agency)

coyote.ztd  =  Coyote by Animalia (ZA) and Coyote by Stuffed Panda (ZA)  and coyote by LAwebTek (Tek)

dhole.ztd = both dholes (light and dark) by Grey_Wolf (ZA) and dhole by Devona (ZKL)

Dingo.ztd = dingo by devona (ZA) and dingo by BLX the Hedgehog (ZA) and dingo by Bigcatkeeper (agency)

Domestic Cat.ZTD  =  Domestic Cat by jp3 (ZA) and Domestic Cat by CatLover (ZA)

hamadryasbaboon.ZTD  =  Hamadrys Baboon by Devona (ZKL) and Hamadryas Baboon by Sideshow_Bob (ZA)

nyala.ZTD by Jordan (Tek) and Nyala.ZTD by Zookapi (ZA)

parasaurolophus.ZTD  =  Parasaurolophus by RSN (ZA) and Parasaurolophus by Raptor Pack (ZA)

Rat.ztd  =  Rat by Lehner (ZA)  and Rat by Polubing (ZA)

unicorn.ztd  =  Caribbean unicorn by babysealz010 & Sideshowbob (ZA) and Volcanic Unicorn by sundance & loewenfrau (ZKL)


verbena.ztd  =  Stormy's flowerbed pack 2 (ZTUF) and Brandi's flower pack (ZTUF)
brtoadstool.ztd = Deadly Poison Toadstool (Tek Brandis Toadstool Forest pack)  and Fairytale Toadstool (Tek Fairytale Items by Brandi)
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