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Author Topic: Zoo Tycoon Complete Collection on Linux Ubuntu, How to run ZTCC on this Linux O.  (Read 8382 times)
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« on: January 25, 2009, 05:34:58 AM »

Zoo Tycoon Complete Collection on Linux Ubuntu, How to run ZTCC on this Linux O.S.

Author: Borsata

Many thanks to Borsata for allowing us to post this

Like me, many users wants to play Zoo Tycoon on their PC, but if you have an O.S. like Linux Ubuntu (one of the most Linux O.S. used) what can we do?
For this question there is a very simple answer, to be precise we going to use Wine.(*) The version of wine I used is 1.0.

In my case, I have a Linux Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron with a VESA for graphic drivers.
Let's see what we have to do:

1) First, open Synaptic (System -> Amministration -> Synaptic Packet Manager), and search Wine.
2) Mark the option: wine
3) After the installation, insert the first Zoo Tycoon CD and open the file .exe with a rigth click of the mouse and select "Open with another application" and choose "wine".(**)
4) Now, after the installation of Zoo Tycoon, please when it start the game change the window opened with another, pressing alt+tab. Wait 5-6 minutes and return to the Zoo Tycoon window. Then exit from the tutorial and let's install the expansions.
5)Do the same thing above

When I play with it, many times it blocks when it is loading, for jump this problem after have started the game from the mený (Application -> Wine -> Programs -> Microsoft Games -> Zoo Tycoon -> Play ZTCC) or after have pressed the Play button of the initial windows use the same trick of alt+tab.(***)

* Another possibility is install a Virtual Machine using Virtual Box or create a partition in the same hard disk with Windows. Don't tell me How can I do it because I don't know.
** Wine is perfect for emulating Window's Programs on O.S. like Linux Ubuntu
*** In internet I've read about some problems similiar at this, but about the two initial videos. Just delete them from the main folder of Zoo Tycoon. The main folder of Zoo Tycoon can be found in this position:
Application -> Wine -> Browse C:\ Drive
From here you will see the classic tree of directory that is in a normal Windows O.S., then:
Programs -> Microsoft Games -> Zoo Tycoon
Another most nice way is to open with a text editor (like gedit or mcedit) the Zoo.ini and should be changed to use "playMovie=0" and "playSecondMovie=0" instead of "playMovie=1" and "playSecondMovie=1".

Fern have told me about Zoo Tycoon and Suse Linux 7. With Winex the game it will run, but we don't know if with the latest version of Winex can run ZTCC, because the old version of Winex don't run on Suse Linux 11.

If there are other problems, please contact me, I will help you ^^
How many new info I will get, many new information I will add to this post.
I tried to be more clear possible, excuse me I'm not english xD, but I wanted to help this Zoo Tycoon Community.

Thanks to Fern for the new information about Suse Linux.
Thanks to Jay for the other method to bypass the video problem.
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