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Author Topic: LANG Fern Tek dll File  (Read 6822 times)
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« on: February 16, 2016, 01:25:21 AM »

LANG Fern Tek dll File

Author: Fern

Keywords: Combined dll

Date Released: January 29, 2007

Updated: September 9, 2020 to add messages for some sold items and for Entertainment Mall.

Current dll date: September 9, 2020

Zip size: 51.9 KB

Compatibility: All Game Versions

Description: This file contains messages for a number of things that have been released at the Tek/Phoenix web site and at this site. When the file is updated, it is put at Tek/Phoenix before here.

This .dll is required for the following items:

Asian Paper Walls
Atlantia Decorative Fence
Brick Wall
Decorative ruins walls
Decorative Walls Pack
Dragon Walls
Gingerbread fence
Medieval Fence
Rock Edging Wall
Snowy Post-and-Rail Decorative Fence
Tall Walls
Venus Flytrap Fences
Vine Fences - combined
Zootan Decorative Fences

2015 Halloween Costume Shop by SavyKet
2015 Skull Cove Restaurant by SavyKet
2015 Skull Skillet Restaurant by SavyKet
2015 Tek Irish Bistro
2015 Tek Irish Pub
2015 Tek Lucky Charm Gift Stand
2015 Tek Valentine Romantic Watch Tower
Abandoned Ship Restaurant by Jackal
Arboreal Buildings (Treehouse Cafe, Arboreal Gifts)
Atlantia Gift Shop
Atlantia Museum
Blacksmith Shop
Brandi's Kissing Booth (added 17 Jan 07)
Bygone Era Chocolatier Gift Shop by SavyKet
Bygone Era Happy Lantern Inn Townhouses by Jackal
Bygone Era Italian Villa Restaurant by SavyKet
Bygone Era Luxury Condos by SavyKet
Bygone Era Tek Urban Newsstand by SavyKet
Bygone Era Universal Studio Cinema by SavyKet
Carnival Arcade Game by SavyKet
Cartoon Theater by Jackal
Celestial Café by Dr. Rick
Celestial Cafe and Gifts by Z.Z.
Celestial Gifts by Dr. Rick
Colour Coded Buildings 3: Arachnid Antics, Crustacean Cove, Nocturnal Nook, Sensational Scorpions
Colour Coded Buildings 4: Beetlemania, Flutterby Festival, Outstanding Owls, Sneaky Serpents
Colour Coded Buildings 5: Marmoset Forest, Ray Of Sunshine, Skunkalicious, Terrapin Pond
Colour Coded Buildings 6: Firehawke's Frogs, Leaping Lizards, Otterly Awesome, Pukkie's Pandamonium
Colour Coded buildings: Rodent Retreat, Reptile Rampage, Marsupial Madness, Fishy Fun Aquarium
Coloured Coded Buildings 2: Totally Batty, Lemurs Lounge, Meerkat Mansion, Penguin Palace,
Dandy Donut Shop by SavyKet
Deepwood Castle Buildings
Entertainment Mall
European Christmas Gift Shop by SavyKet
Farm Fresh Salad Bar by SavyKet
Go West Buildings
Go West Sheriff's Office Gift Shop by SavyKet
Grill House Restaurant by SavyKet
Le'ale'a Hut (added Sept 06)
Mausoleum Gift Shop by SavyKet
Norwich Castle
Observation Tower
Oliebollen Stand
Oriental Noodle House
Recent Extinct Animals Memorial Hall
Sand Castle Cafe
Sand Castle Gifts
Spring Fling Flower Shoppe
Sweetheart Tea Cottage
Taco Tek Mexican Restaurant by SavyKet
Tek Arcade
Up Elevator
Urban Outfitters Gift Shop
Way Station
You Are A Star Theatre by SavyKet

ToodlePops Candy Cane Factory (released at Zoo Tycoon Gold - 25 Dec 06)

Barn shelter
Burrow Shelter
Cave Shelter
DD Shelters For All Animals
Fancy Shelter
Gate Shelter
Go West Barn Shelter
MM Shelters For All Animals
Rock Barn Shelter
Rustic Shelter
ZT Shelters For All Animals
Witches Shelter

Where To Put The dll: Extract LANG--fern-Tek.dll from LANG--fern-Tek.zip and put LANG--fern-Tek.dll in Zoo Tycoon's main folder, which is where lang0.dll is, among other things. Then you can MOVE OUT any of the following dll files if they are in the main ZT folder, since their messages are included in LANG--fern-Tek.dll:

Additional Notes : LANG--fern-Tek.dll can be left in the main ZT folder without any problems. Including LANG--fern-Tek.dll, I have 21 user made ".dll" files that I always keep in my main ZT folder. The main LANG--fern-Tek.zip download is available at the Tek/Phoenix web site. It is also being made available here since that site does not currently allow guests to download and since the messages in LANG--fern-Tek.dll are also used for some downloads at this site.

Click here to download the zip containing this dll
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