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Author Topic: South American Discovery Pack  (Read 2598 times)
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« on: November 06, 2017, 12:04:20 AM »

South American Discovery Pack

Author : Toodlepops, fern and Jay

Keywords : South America, attractions

Release date : 5 November 2017

File Size : 387 KB

Compatibility : All Game Versions

Description : Here is the South American Discovery Pack, created by toodlepops. As the screenshot shows, it consists of 6 pieces. There are 2 buildings that work as free attractions: South American Ruins and South American Expedition Exhibit. There is 1 foliage: Decorative South American Rainforest Tree, which can be placed in any exhibit and does not count toward an exhibit's foliage total. There are 3 scenery objects: South American Observation Area, Quarter Tile South American Rainforest God Statue, and Half Tile South American Rainforest God Statue. The 2 statues are the same object but positioned slightly differently to allow more choices on how to use them. The screenshot also uses CC's Rainforest Rock Path. I also put that path beneath the Ruins and just inside the Expedition Exhibit doors. The Ruins works similar to an up elevator. It is made to put against a cliff that is 6 levels high. Guests enter it from the front center and exit it just passed the stone steps in the back. The Expedition Exhibit has 2 doors. One of those doors cannot be seen in the above screenshot because it is beneath the center Observation Area. Guests can enter the building from either door and exit through the other door. Although the pieces can be used separately, the Ruins, Expedition Exhibit, and Observation Area are meant to be used together as shown in the screenshot. When guests go through the ruins, some will then choose to go into the Exhibition Exhibit from beneath the Observation Area and exit from the door on the left. Here is a link to download the pack.

The messages for the buildings are in LANG--ZTCDD.dll from June 28, 2017 or newer.

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