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Author Topic: Fun House  (Read 64 times)
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« on: October 26, 2020, 02:59:21 AM »

Fun House

Author: Toodlepops
Graphics by Toodlepops, configuring etc by Jay

Keywords: attraction, fun fairs, theme parks

Release date: 26 October 2020
Current ztd date: October 6, 2016

File Size: 433 kb

Compatibility: All Game Versions

Description: Here is a Fun House by toodlepops, which is an attraction for a fee. It uses messages that already exist in LANG--ZKL.dll and langZA01.dll. So either or both of those ".dll" files can be used. The sound used in the Fun House is a snippet of Disney's original Electrical Parade, which is played when the building is used by guests. The Fun House is slightly animated when the building is used by guests. There is a light that goes around the center of the building and the clown's nose at the entrance will change. But the type of change will depend on the Video Quality setting in your ZT. If that setting is set to High, then the clown's nose will blink. When that setting is set to Low, ZT only shows every other frame in an animation. So with the Low setting, the clown's nose will be yellow instead of blinking and the light going around the building will jump a larger distance. The back of the Fun House has an emergency exit, which will not be used.

A note for any developer that might want to look at the used graphics for this. I used a similar technique that is used by in-game animated buildings, where the frames only have the parts that change. That made the ".ztd" one-fourth the size it would have been otherwise. So if you look at the used graphics in Zoot, you will only see the changing parts and you will not see the non-changing parts. Also, I used a ".ucb" file for the configuration. So this cannot be loaded in APE or APExp because those only look for ".ucs", ".ai", and ".uca" files.

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