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Author Topic: Go West Two Foliage Pack  (Read 1761 times)
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« on: June 30, 2015, 09:25:56 PM »

Go West Two Foliage Pack

ZooTek Phoenix

Click Site name to reach the download

Author : SavyKet

Keywords : foliage, desert, cacti, cactus

Release date : 30 Jun 2015

File Size : 996.35KB

Compatibility : All Game Versions

Description : Add some Western touches to your zoo with items from this foliage pack by SavyKet (Savannahjan and Cricket ).
This pack includes: Brittlebush, Barrel Cactus, Beavertail Cactus, Cholla Cactus, Fairy Castle Cactus, Finger Cactus, Fishhook Cactus, Jade Cactus, Ocotillo Cactus, Organ Pipe Cactus, Desert Fern, Cactus Patch, Rustic Flowers Patch, Rustic Flowers Quarter-Tile Patch, Agave Plant, Blue Agave Plant, Rustic Flowers Barrel Planter, Rustic Flowers Quarter-Tile Barrel Planter, Desert Rose Bonsai Tree, Dagger Tree, Desert Fan Palm Tree, Sabal Palm Tree, Tall Sabal Palm Tree
These items are part of the Go West Two Expansion Series.

The downloadable file contains a combined .ztd file, a .zip file of individual .ztd files and a screenshot.  (If you use the combined file, you do not need the individual files.)

* GoWestTwoFoliagePack.jpg (182.08 KB, 989x723 - viewed 248 times.)
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Posts: 20029

« Reply #1 on: September 15, 2015, 04:56:11 AM »

Additional info:

GoWestTwoFoliageComb_SavyKet.ztd contains:

Foliage - foliage suitability in all Exhibits, 1 tile, height 2, water placeable
GoWestTwoBrittlebush_SavyKet.ztd  Go West Brittlebush  ucs: 25C30558
GoWestTwoCactusBarrel_SavyKet.ztd  Go West Barrel Cactus  ucs: BD8F60BC
GoWestTwoCactusBeavertail_SavyKet.ztd  Go West Beavertail Cactus  ucs: BD94EE90
GoWestTwoCactusCholla_SavyKet.ztd  Go West Cholla Cactus  ucs: BD997975
GoWestTwoCactusFairyCastle_SavyKet.ztd  Go West Fairy Castle Cactus  ucs: BD9E422E
GoWestTwoCactusFinger_SavyKet.ztd  Go West Finger Cactus  ucs: BDA3C05B
GoWestTwoCactusFishhook_SavyKet.ztd  Go West Fishhook Cactus  ucs: BDA995A3
GoWestTwoCactusJade_SavyKet.ztd  Go West Jade Cactus  ucs: BDAD7472
GoWestTwoCactusOrganPipe_SavyKet.ztd  Go West Organ Pipe Cactus  ucs: BDB7849D
GoWestTwoPatchCactus_SavyKet.ztd  Go West Cactus Patch  ucs: 25DB1B18
GoWestTwoPatchRusticFlower_SavyKet.ztd  Go West Rustic Flower Patch  ucs: 25DF1EF7
GoWestTwoPlantAgave_SavyKet.ztd  Go West Agave Plant  ucs: BDC0813D
GoWestTwoPlantAgaveBlue_SavyKet.ztd  Go West Blue Agave Plant  ucs: BDC57F87

Foliage - All Exhibits, height 2, water placeable
GoWestTwoPlanterBarrelRusticFlower_SavyKet.ztd  Go West Rustic Flower Barrel Planter  ucs: 25E33AED  1 tile
GoWestTwoPlanterBarrelRusticFlowerQtr_SavyKet.ztd  Go West Qtr-Tile Rustic Flower Barrel Planter  ucs: 38F3B781  1/4 tile
GoWestTwoTreeBonsaiDesertRose_SavyKet.ztd  Go West Desert Rose Bonsai Tree  ucs: 25E88E28  1/4 tile

Foliage - foliage suitability in All Exhibits, 1/4 tile,  water placeable
GoWestTwoCactusOcotillo_SavyKet.ztd  Go West Ocotillo Cactus  ucs: BDB1D27A  height 2
GoWestTwoFernDesert_SavyKet.ztd  Go West Desert Fern  ucs: BDBC445E  height 2
GoWestTwoPatchRusticFlowerQtr_SavyKet.ztd  Go West Qtr-Tile Rustic Flower Patch  ucs: 3805E08B  height 2
GoWestTwoTreeDagger_SavyKet.ztd  Go West Dagger Tree  ucs: 25ED94D1  height 3
GoWestTwoTreePalmDesertFan_SavyKet.ztd  Go West Desert Fan Palm Tree  ucs: BDCA3148  height 2
GoWestTwoTreePalmSabal_SavyKet.ztd  Go West Sabal Palm Tree  ucs: 25F2A80F  height 3
GoWestTwoTreePalmSabalTall_SavyKet.ztd  Go West Tall Sabal Palm Tree  ucs: 25F681E4  height 4
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