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Author Topic: Australian Foliage  (Read 4462 times)
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« on: June 29, 2016, 07:58:24 AM »

Australian Foliage

ZT Designer Guild

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Author : Dr Rick

Keywords : Trees, Australia

Release date : June 30, 2016,

File Size : Combined (433 kb) Single ztds (446 kb)

Compatibility : All Game Versions

Description : Various Australian trees done by Dr. Rick all in one place. Most were originally released at Zoo Tycoon Unleashed.
Aussie Red Cedar: Originally released May 19 2008. Here's a large and elegant Australian sub-tropical rainforest tree, the Australian Red Cedar (shortened to AussieRedCedar for the filename - hope no-one minds). The scientific name is Toona australis, closely related to the more widely distributed Toona ciliata, found up through Indonesia into the Asian tropics. The tree is deciduous and not a conifer, but is named cedar for its attractive cedar-like red timber. For this reason large specimens like this one have almost all gone.

Blue Quandong: Originally released May 19 2008. From the rainforests of Queensland. It is one of the favourite foods of the gorgeous Wompoo Fruit Dove. Its fruit is a deep blue colour and is similar in shape and size to a large olive. The seed inside is unmistakable once the thin layer of flesh is removed, being deeply pitted all over and very hard. The Blue Quandong is a tall (up to 35 metres/117 feet), thin tree of airy habit with lateral branches laden with clusters of narrow, deep green leaves. Its fruit is also relished by Cassowaries and Musky Rat-kangaroos. it is not closely related to the in-game hard quandong.

Dr R Koalas up a Gum Tree: Originally released Aug 29, 2006. OK - now this download I'm really excited about!! A large blue gum tree with three animated koalas that climb up and down, and sometimes go to sleep. There are four sets of images so it rotates properly, and I've set it to autorotate so if you want several in an enclosure they don't all look the same.
You can use them in enclosures with other Australian species or as a decorative accessory. They look great with my other blue gum trees, so you can make a really authentic looking blue gum forest with koalas on some of the trees.
Graphics and configuration by Dr Rick
Rotation and configuration check by Fern, encouragement by Genkicoll

Bush House Paperbark: Originally released May 19 2008. This paperbark is native to Queensland, from the genus Melaleuca (which means 'black-white since the one that was first described by a scientist had been in a bushfire!). The Bushhouse Paperbark likes dry sandy savannah, especially ridge tops.

White Paperbark: Originally released May 19 2008. This paperbark is native to Queensland, from the genus Melaleuca (which means 'black-white since the one that was first described by a scientist had been in a bushfire!). The White Paperbark is the typical river-side tree of the Ross River, and likes moist environments so I have made it water placeable.

Dr R Blue Gum Trees: Originally released Aug 14, 2006. Three blue gum trees, for use in Australian savanna enclosures and to beautify guest areas.
These are based on screenshots of the red gum, taken on genki's excellent white utility path. The shape, sizes and colour are based on photographs of real trees. The two larger sizes are on a 2x2 base like other large trees, but I have put the small one on a 1x1 base so you can use them to enhance exhibit suitability and to give a crowded appearance as is sometimes seen in the wild, where gum trees grow very close together providing protection from the wind.
The screenshot shows one of each of the three trees in an enclosure with some happy kangaroos.
Configuration checking and rotations by Genkicoll and Fern.

Australian Foliage Combined: A combined ztd containing all of these trees - these are the same files as the individual ones, so don't use them at the same time.

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« Reply #1 on: June 29, 2016, 08:10:02 AM »

Additional info:

Foliage - foliage suitability in Savannah habitats, height 3
Dr R Koalas up a Gum Tree2.ztd  Koalas up a Gum Tree  ucs: 08181026  1 tile
DrR Large Blue Gum.ztd  Large Blue Gum  ucs: 35115026  1 tile
DrR Med Blue Gum.ztd  Medium Blue Gum  ucs: 20f37026  1 tile
DrR Small Blue Gum.ztd  Small Blue Gum  ucs: 34f68057  1/4 tile
DrRBushhousePaperbark.ztd  Bushhouse Paperbark  ucs: AD81E0BC  1/4 tile
DrRWhitePaperbark.ztd  White Paperbark  ucs: AD449051  1/4 tile  water placeable

Foliage -foliage suitability in Rainforest habitats, water placeable, 1/4 tile
DrRAussieRedCedar.ztd  Australian Red Cedar  ucs: d0440098  height 7
DrRBlueQuandong.ztd  Blue Quandong  ucs: 00F8B04D  height 3
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