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Author Topic: Russian Wolf  (Read 2353 times)
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« on: April 25, 2009, 11:59:32 PM »

Russian Wolf by Dr. Rick

ZT Designer Guild

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Author : Dr Rick

Category : Carnivores, Siberia

Date Added : May 17 2008

Size : 1.26MB  

Compatibility : All Game Versions

Description : The Russian Wolf - one of the last great wild populations of wolves - even the might of the soviet empire couldn't hunt out all of these from the vast emptiness of Siberia.

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« Reply #1 on: August 31, 2010, 06:00:43 AM »

Additional info:

DrRRussianWolf.ztd                    uca: B63AE057 dated 29 April 2008

Results From Configuration Checking:

B63AE057.uca date: Tue Apr 29 05:50:24 2008
No Errors or Warnings to show.
Animal Type: B63AE057

Russian Wolf

Russian Wolf
    (plus 53 other paragraphs)

Animal Characteristics:

Habitat: Coniferous Forest; Location: Asia
Minimum happiness needed for chance of breeding: 90.
Preferred shelter: Rock Cave.
Animal can swim in water terrain.
Animal can jump.
Animal can climb cliffs.

Exhibit Preferences:

 Wild Olive Tree, Elm Tree, Pacific Dogwood Tree, Cherry Tree
 Lodgepole Pine Tree, Maple Tree, Fir Tree, Pine Tree, Bamboo
 Thornless Mesquite Tree, Yew Tree, Birch Tree, Spruce Tree, Yellow Cedar Tree
 Western Larch Tree, Trembling Aspen Tree, Globe Willow Tree
 Japanese Maple Tree, Deciduous Bush, Tall Grass, Paper Birch Tree
 Weeping Willow Tree, White Oak Tree, Western Red Cedar Tree, Chinese Fir Tree
 Himalayan Birch Tree, Western Juniper Tree, Himalayan Pine Tree, Sage Bush
 Broadleaf Bush, Pine Bush, Club Moss Shrub (DD), Walchian Conifer Tree (DD)
 Dawn Redwood Tree (DD), Gingko Tree (DD), Glossopteris Tree (DD)
 Lepidodendron Tree (DD), Magnolia Tree (DD), Monkey Puzzle Tree (DD)
 Norfolk Island Pine Tree (DD), Arctic Birch Tree (DD), Arctic Grass (DD)
 Arctic Bush (DD), Bonsai (CC), Snowbell Tree (CC)

 Large Rock, Small Rock - Medium, Small Rock - Small
 Small Snowy Rock - Medium, Small Snowy Rock - Small
 Large Snowy Rock - Medium, Large Snowy Rock - Large
 Deciduous Forest Rock - Formation, Highland Rock - Large
 Coniferous Forest Rock - Formation, Medium Highland Rock (DD)
 Medium Coniferous Rock (DD)

Other specifically liked items:
 Rock Formation - Highland, Snowy Rock - Formation

Exhibit Construction:

Number of animals allowed per exhibit: 2-25 with 45 squares for each adult.

Exhibit size (for 2 adults): 90 grid squares

Terrain (for exhibit with 90 grid squares):
 25 Coniferous Floor, 2 Dirt, 3 Gray Stone, 2 Gravel, 14 Snow, 14 Fresh Water
 12 Deciduous Floor, 18 Grass

Foliage (for exhibit with 90 grid squares):
 23 grid squares should contain foliage.
 Foliage that would give the most happiness: Pine Bush
 Since this is a small plant, greatest happiness will occur
 if each of the 23 grid squares contains 4 of this plant.

Rocks (for exhibit with 90 grid squares):
 43 Small Snowy Rock - Small, which is its most liked rock.

Elevation: Of the 90 squares, 6 nonadjacent squares should be elevated.
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