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Author Topic: ZA03.dll  (Read 4263 times)
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« on: July 14, 2008, 11:13:52 PM »



Author : Casey, Fern, Jay

Category : dll file

Date Added : November 25, 2007

Updated : N/A

Current dll date: June 14, 2008

Size : 37.15kb approx (size changes as more are added)

Compatibility : All Game Versions

Description: This is the current combined dll for Zoo Admin and will be updated when necessary.
Note that not all of these are available at the Guild.

* - indicates a file available here at the Guild

Contains ids for the following:
* Brown Wood Barn
* Dry Gulch Bank
* Dry Gulch Church
* Dry Gulch Mercantile General Store
* Haystack Hideaway (Photography Blind)
* Stagecoach Cafe
4 Privet Drive
Ali Baba Dining Emporium
Animal Adoption Center
Arcade Tent
Asian Tea House
Auntie Em's Cafe
Aussie Koala's Grill
Blacksmith Shop
Blood and Buckets
Bush Tuck Restaurant
Butterfly Conservatory
Cabana Lounge
Chinese Bathroom
Chinese Garden
Chinese Gift Shop
Chinese Restaurant
Clapboard Hotel
Dairy Queen
Deepsea Aquarium, Fossil House
Desert Animal House
Dino Restroom
Doctor Adobe's Office
Hacienda Hotel
Jungle Petting Zoo
Le'ale'a Hut
Medic Trailer
Mom's Country Kitchen
Ogre's Lair
OZ Emerald City Castle
OZ Wicked Witch Castle
Rainbow Tunnel
Raptor Pack Fantasy Sweet Shop
Red Barn
Ricad's Lab Building
Security Booth
Sheriff And Marshal Museum
Underground Tunnel Entrance (10)"
Victorian Greenhouse
Warp Pipe (10)"
Water Bridge Entrance (5)" & (10)"
YR Wolf Conservatory
ZA Administration Building
Zoo Admin Contributor's Center
Zoo Tycoon Holiday home

File replaces the ".dll" files from:

Barn Shelter - Part of the Snow Tigers Farm Pack
Privet Drive - Harry Potter Pack - langZTC 4
AR Holiday Centre - lang-hcentre
YR Wolf Conservatory - lang_WolfConservatory.dll
Chinese Buildings - lang-rnd1.dll
Blood and Buckets - langYRrestaurant.dll
Photo Booth - langPhoto_Booth
Transporation pack - Underground Tunnel, warp dome, etc. - langFTTransportMiniExp.dll
Dr. Ricad's Lab - lang_ricad.dll
Jungle Petting Zoo from Rainforest Pack - lang-junglepet.dll
Desert Animal House from Desert Pack - lang-desanim.dll
Glass Tank Walls - lang-zawalls.dll
Fossil House and Deep Sea Aquarium - lang-DDMM.dll
Planet Kitty's Awards pack 2 - lang_newawards2.dll
ZTUSubwayDQ - ZTUSubwayDQlang-.dll (Updated file to replace the lang0 program update)
ZT mega hack: Dall's porpoise - langdallporpos.dll
Menu Hack-part of the Snow Tigers Rainforest Pack - langSnowtigers_Objects.dll
4 building pack from Yellowrose - Arcade Tent, Clapboard Hotel, Medic Trailer, Security Booth

Be sure to remove the above files if you use this file to avoid conflicts.

Date Listed : July 15, 2008
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