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Author Topic: Termite Foliage  (Read 2958 times)
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« on: August 03, 2013, 03:33:37 AM »

Termite Foliage

Author : Dr Rick

Keywords : termites, insects

Release date : August 03, 2013

Current DrRKapokTermiteNestTree.ztd date : July 11, 2013
Current DrRMonkeyPotTermiteTree.ztd date: July 12, 2013

Size : 203 KB

Compatibility : All Game Versions

Description : Guests and Rainforest animals, such as Taz's Giant Armadillo, will enjoy the Kapok Termite Nest Tree (scientific name Ceiba pentandra). At the base of the tree is a large termite nest made by termites called Nasutitermes corniger. Guests and Rainforest animals, such as Taz's Giant Armadillo, will also enjoy the lovely Monkey Pot Termite Tree, Lecythis ampla, also called the olla de mono, with two large nests made by the termite Nasutitermes macrocephalus.

Description from Dr Rick : I put Taz's Giant Armadillo in an enclosure and made it look good with trees and rocks and termite nests. I wondered if amazonian termite nests look like the in-game one. I soon found that, although there are some a bit like the in-game one, others are huge irregular rounded agglomerations of chewed up wood on the sides of living trees and others are rounded or irregular shaped accumulations of munched up wood pulp. These excited my creative juices, resulting in these two trees, one with a termite nest just within reach of the giant armadillos, and the other with two nests which the animal can presumably only reach when it climbs up there when you are not looking.

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