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Author Topic: Harp Seal  (Read 3699 times)
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« on: September 30, 2013, 01:32:45 AM »

Harp Seal

Author : Taz (Tasmanian_tiger)

Category : Real animal, Pinniped

Date Added : September 30, 2013

Updated: September 25, 2013 by Jay to remove the background for the male and female animal list icons, to add an animal list icon for the young, to remove the top and bottom edges of the purchase menu icons, to adjust the positions of all animations, to make minor adjustments to the animal info, to add the preferred object tooltip for the female and young, to add the capability of a simple surface roll trick for show tanks, to add the capability to use 3 user made toys, to remove unnecessary files and configuration lines, and to correct configuration mistakes done by the APE program.

Current ztd date: September 25, 2013

Size : 1.57 MB

Compatibility : All Game Versions

Description : The Harp Seal is somewhat larger than the Common Seal, growing to 5.5 ft (1.67 m) long and with a weight of 115-180 kg (253-400 lb). Males are distinctly larger than females. Harp Seals are well known for the saddle-like spot on their backs. Adult males are creamy white overall, with a dark chocolate brown head and a broad dark chocolate brown U-shaped pattern on their back, running across the shoulders and down each flank to near the base of the tail; the pattern is often slightly asymmetrical and irregular, with dark brown spots extending onto the white parts. Adult females have a similar but less distinct pattern, with the brown being paler and greyer. Immature Harp Seals up to two to three years old are pale grey, variably spotted with darker grey. The flippers are white or pale grey, with five stout claws on each fore flipper. The tail is short, 10-15 cm long. The fur on adults is 2 cm long, dense, stiff, and velvety; the skin is roughly the same color as the fur: whitish-grey under the white fur, and dark brown under the brown fur. The vibrissae are numerous on the muzzle, the longest about 12 cm long. The newborn pups are all white except for a black nose and eyes, which helps them blend in with the snow. Puberty is reached at 5-7 years, and the maximum lifespan is more than 30 years. Since newborn harp seals do not enter the water for a number of weeks, the young of this harp seal does not go in water. This Harp Seal can use the Ice Floe For Certain Animals By Taz, the Ice Floe For Certain Animals, and the Raft For Certain Animals. The Harp Seal is compatible with the Emperor Penguin, although the Emperor Penguin doesn't like it but will accept its presence and cause no problems. However, if the Emperor Penguin is in the same exhibit, then the exhibit must not have the Ice Floe For Certain Animals By Taz, the Ice Floe For Certain Animals, or the Raft For Certain Animals, since the penguin could get stuck on those toys, being that the penguin is not configured for those toys. The Harp Seal is also compatible with the Ribbon Seal made by Taz.

Note: ZT is not used to animals where the adults go in tanks while the young do not. So it can keep changing its mind between the exhibit being suitable and the exhibit needing more salt water terrain and less snow. Whenever it does change its mind and wants more salt water terrain, do so. Eventually it will get to a point where it does not change its mind.

Click here to download the zip containing this ztd
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