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Author Topic: Dr. Ricks Trees  (Read 2260 times)
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« on: June 30, 2016, 10:04:15 PM »

Dr. Ricks Trees

Author : Dr Rick

Keywords : trees, foliage

Release date : July 01, 2016

Compatibility : All Game Versions

European Alder Trees
European Alder (scientific name Alnus glutinosa) lives in wet soils in Europe. The roots form an association with the nitrogen-fixing nodule forming bacterium Frankia alni which allows the tree to grow in wetter places than most other trees. The tree is a pioneer species in the succession from open water to woodland so it is not well adapted to grow in shade. It rarely grows taller than 30 metres (100 feet). This species is monoecious, so both male flowers (dangling catkins) and female flowers (upright green cone-like spheres) are found on the same tree.
This alder is native to most of Europe including the United Kingdom and Ireland. In Africa it is indigenous to Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria. In Asia its natural range extends to Turkey, Kazakhstan and Iran. It has been introduced to the Azores, the United States, Canada, Chile, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.
"European Alder Trees, not based on in-game graphics. Includes one - tankable this time - has the usual feature of needing the zoo to be rotated before it displays properly.  It is, of course, designed for shallow tanks like the ones I have illustrated."

Download DrRAlderTrees.zip (450kb)

Alder Buckthorn shrub
"To go with the alder trees in your moist European Zoo environment, here are three sizes of Alder Buckthorn shrub, so named because it is so often found in the same environments. I'm quite pleased with these.
It is often (including Wikipedia and the photo of the real plant used here) mis-named Rhamnus frangula, but Frangula has hermaphrodite flowers with a five-part corolla whereas Rhamnus is dioecious, and has a four-part corolla.  The plant represented here is therefore correctly named Frangula alnus since it has hermaphrodite flowers with five-part corollas."  

Download DrRAlderBuckthornShrub.zip (65.6 kb)

Durian Trees
Description : "in-game on left of path, my taller ones on right - 2 sizes"
"here are some 1/4 tile durians.  screen shows all 3 sizes (none the same as the existing three), plus one of each of my 1 tile versions and one in-game durian."

Download DrRDurianTrees.zip (187kb)

Elephant Ear Trees
Description : Small (1/4 tile) and large elephant ear trees. There is only one in-game elephant ear tree in the screenshot.
"have you ever tried googling elephant ear tree?  it is quite hard to work out what blue fang had in mind when they made it...
Enterolobium cyclocarpum is tropical american and has very fine leaflets, being named for its oddly shaped seeds.
Macaranga gigantea is Asian - Thailand, Peninsular Malaysia, Singapore, Sumatra, Borneo, and does have very large leaves like blue fang's plant, but the zt one has 9600 as its location - Africa, where neither species lives!

Download DrRElephantEarTrees.zip (117 kb)

Elm Trees
Description : "Here are two medium Elm trees, 2 tall Elm trees and 4 large Elm trees.
Screenshots show medium and tall and ingame on one shot, the 4 large elms on the second and a forest in the third...
The random white blob in one screenshot is one of those ambient seagulls - took me a while to work it out!!"

Download DrRElms.zip (866 kb)

Mediterranean Cypress Trees
Here are some Mediterranean Cypress (Cupressus sempervirens, also known as Italian, Tuscan, or Graveyard Cypress, or Pencil Pine). The real thing grows up to 35m tall, so the tallest of these is 32m...

Download DrRMediterraneanCypresses.zip (369 kb)

Mopane Trees and Scrub through the seasons - wet and dry.
Description: Mopane Trees and Scrub through the seasons - wet and dry.
Dry season cathedral mopane trees found in a belt across Africa at about the level of Zimbabwe.
The other way that mopane grows is as scrub, so here are 3 sizes of scrub.  the smallest is walkable so you can put dense thickets and the animals can walk through - it looks very realistic.
Mopane trees and scrub at start of wet season.

Download DrRMopaneTreesAndScrub.zip (1.12 mb)

Spruce Trees
Description: "Here are some spruces - everything from little saplings to great big trees.  somewhere in here is the in-game spruce...  I did not tinker with the colours this time as spruces are all pretty much spruce coloured!"
I have included in this pack a Large Spruce that was left out of a Christmas tree pack as it was not needed in the final version.

Download DrRSpruces.zip (193 kb)

White Oak Trees  
Description: This pack contains 3 sets of white oak trees - one set for Summer, one set for Fall, and one set for Spring. Each set has 6 different tree heights. All are water placeable. Each ".ztd" contains two versions - a version configured for the Deciduous Forest habitat and counts toward the foliage portion of exhibit suitability; and a decorative version that can be placed in any exhibit and does not count toward the foliage portion of exhibit suitability, so one can place as many as they like in an exhibit. The decorative versions use the same purchase menu icons as the Deciduous versions, so the background of the icons show the Deciduous background. You can tell the difference between them by the names, since the decorative versions have "Decorative" in their names.

Download DrROaks.zip (1.56mb)

Dr R Trees Pack Combined
Description: All the trees in this post combined - European Alder Trees, Alder Buckthorn shrub, Durian Trees,  Elephant Ear Trees, Elm Trees, Mediterranean Cypress Trees, Mopane Trees and Scrub, Spruce Trees, and White Oak Trees.
DrRTreesPackCombined.ztd Current date: 5 July 2016

Download DrRTreesPackCombined.zip (4.85 mb)
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